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We are so excited to announce our new Clubs community for all Juni learners and their friends! Juni Clubs were designed with and by our students to offer the perfect environment to connect with peers and dive into the things they are passionate about—things like art and film, cooking and baking, advanced programming, or community service. Students have created clubs for nearly every interest and hobby you can think of, and if it doesn’t exist now, suggest it or volunteer to start it!

Designed for kids 7-18, meetings and connections take place on the Juni Learning Platform. Although this is a social offering, Clubs represent a dynamic community of learners, advised by our Juni instructors, so that every Club delivers an awesome, engaging, and empowering experience where everyone can find inspiration and learn new skills.

Student Club leaders create agendas, design activities, and plan events. Clubs are all about finding ways to explore common interests and discovering what makes us tick, what makes us excited. The things we talk about and learn in Clubs can fuel our respective futures.

A Safe, Supportive Environment

Parents—rest assured. We have deployed sophisticated moderation capabilities for Clubs so that the environment remains safe and supportive for all. Between our technology safeguards and our amazing human instructors who serve as mentors, we are fostering communities where kids can flourish and feed their appetites for learning.

Expanding Juni’s Vision

On the surface, Clubs may sound like a departure from the award-winning courses and academic stimulation you traditionally expect from Juni. But, we see this as an opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom.

School curriculums often lack the space to teach kids the practical skills they need or fail to feed interests beyond a cursory level. The situation has only become more dire in the wake of COVID-19, where schools are forced to play catch up, and students have missed out on much needed social interaction. Clubs solve these issues by providing the tools and the space for kids and mentors to fully engage in a topic while concurrently learning from one another.

We believe that Juni Clubs offer something special, unique, and very much needed. We couldn’t be more excited to provide the space (as well as a little bit of structure) to help kids uncover and immerse themselves in what they love, make new friends, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

To this end, Clubs are now open for the entire Juni community. Additionally, kids who have not yet taken Juni courses can join a waitlist and be admitted to Clubs for free. We want everyone to experience the joy of learning and the wonders of connection!

Something’s Different...

Not to be discounted in the excitement about Clubs, you may have noticed something about Juni seems a bit different. Juni has grown a lot over the last four years… A LOT… and we thought it was time that our look matched our innovative way of teaching and approach to learning.

Starting today, you’ll see that everything from our website to our emails reflects our own unique style. We believe that this makeover helps showcase our vision of helping each student discover and pursue their passions with joy. The whole new look and feel better reflects our enthusiasm for helping future pioneers find—and blaze—their respective paths.

We hope you agree—learning never looked so good! So, check out our new site and browse through our initial Juni Clubs—there are more than 50 to choose from, with more being added each day. Try some out and find out where your passion lies.

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