Meet the October 2019 Juni Hackathon Winners


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Congratulations to our Hackathon winners!

This October, we launched our inaugural Juni Champions League Hackathon to an overwhelming response. The theme for our Hackathon was Halloween! Hundreds of students and their friends submitted amazing projects ranging from spooky animations to tricky games.

Students may participate in 3 divisions in the Juni Champions League: Explorer for our novice coders, Junior Varsity for our intermediate, and Varsity for our advanced students. At each level, the creativity and diligence that students put into their projects were a joy to see. It was an incredibly difficult task to select just 3 winners within each division! Even if students did not place in this October Hackathon, we highly encourage all students to continue their amazing work and submit again in our next Hackathon.

We are pleased to announce the winners of each division below, and congratulate them for their amazing work. Happy Halloween, and look out for our next Hackathon in early 2020! Please email us at if you are interested in participating.

Explorer Division

Amara A.
3rd Grade
Explorer Division, First Place

Amara's Project:

Explorer Division

Hasni R.
5th Grade
Explorer Division, Second Place

Hasni's Project:

Explorer Division

Bailee T.
5th Grade
Explorer Division, Third Place

Bailee's Project:

Explorer Division

Brandon Y.
3rd Grade
Explorer Division, Honorable Mention

Brandon's Project:

Explorer Division

Songhyun P.
3rd Grade
Explorer Division, Honorable Mention

Songhyun's Project:

Junior Varsity Division

David W.
5th Grade
Junior Varsity Division, 1st Place

David's Project:

Junior Varsity Division

Hollister M.
4th Grade
Junior Varsity Division, 2nd Place

Hollister's Project:

Junior Varsity Division

Isa B.
6th Grade
Junior Varsity Division, 3rd Place

Isa's Project:

Junior Varsity Division

Brody D.
7th Grade
Junior Varsity Division, Honorable Mention

Brody's Project:

Junior Varsity Division

Toby W. & Tom S.
7th Grade
Junior Varsity Division, Honorable Mention

Toby and Tom's Project:

Varsity Division

Brendon L.
12th Grade
Varsity Division, 1st Place

Brendon's Project:

Andrew B.
8th Grade
Varsity Division, 2nd Place

Andrew's Project:

Aditya J.
10th Grade
Varsity Division, 3rd Place

Aditya's Project:

Anthony N.
7th Grade
Varsity Division, Honorable Mention

Anthony's Project:

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