Juni Announces New Courses in Science, Design, Coding, Cryptocurrency and more!

list of new courses now available at juni

We're proud to announce 15+ new classes at Juni!

We've been working hard to bring you new classes here at Juni Learning. Our new courses focus on real-world skills students can put to use right now!

Check out some of our new courses and follow the links for more info:

Intro to Human Biology (ages 8-14)

Know what you're really made of

In this course, students learn the body systems, nutrition and the macromolecules, how the digestive system works, how energy is taken from the food we eat, and more. Give them an understanding of their own body, and build up life skills related to nutrition and science!

Intro to Negotiation (ages 8-18)

From novice to negotiator

Empower your child with the communication skills to help them get what they want from life. This course covers negotiation strategies, argument construction, and more, so your child will feel empowered to advocate for themselves throughout their life.

Intro to Hacking & Cyber Security (ages 10-18)

Learn the behind the scenes of password security

In this course, students learn how hacking and cyber security work and are taught how to prevent common security threats. They also expand their technical and mathematics knowledge as they explore how passwords work.

Intro to Cryptocurrency (ages 10-18)

Dive into the world of Altcoin & Bitcoin

In this course, students learn the industry vocabulary and theory, and walk away knowing how elements of computer science, math, and investing have built Cryptocurrency into what it is today.

Video Game Development (ages 10-16)

Create games instead of just playing them

In this course, students use Unity while developing skills around 3D objects, game mechanics, design skills, and storytelling. Watch them build their own platform-style game!

Intro to iPhone App Development (ages 10-18)

Be a creator, not a spectator

In this course, students design their own iPhone app! We cover Swift basics so they can style text and images, create stack views, shapes, landmarks, and more. Their app is an incredible portfolio piece, and you’ll be able to download and use it, too.

3D Design (ages 10-18)

Design what you desire

Is your child someone who likes to build and design? These skills aren’t often used in school but they're incredibly important in the real world. In this course, students will use TinkerCAD and design and create products to improve the world or help someone in their life.

Stay tuned for more new courses...

From hard sciences like Chemistry and Physics to more Coding, Math and Investing related classes, there's something for everyone!

Browse our course page to explore our full offering of courses or speak with a Juni Advisor by calling (650) 263-4306 or emailing advisors@learnwithjuni.com.

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