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At Juni, we take pride in teaching students how the core concepts in our Computer Science, Math, and English courses apply to the real world with our project-based approach. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re building on that foundation with new investing and entrepreneurship courses for kids that help your child think like an entrepreneur and build financial literacy.

Today, most states in the U.S. do not have educational requirements or standards around entrepreneurship, investing, or personal finance skills. It’s a common complaint from college grads (and parents we hear from) that they wish they had access to courses that prepared them for the real world beyond textbook theories and memorizing facts for tests. While students can get plenty of exposure to economic theory, most just want to know how to balance their checkbook, save up for a house, or make sense of the stock market.

Sparking passion and learning for the real world

In all our courses, we’re hoping to spark your child’s interests and passions, so they’re prepared for success in school and in life. Our new courses can fill the gap classroom learning leaves with real-life skills that help your child make the grade when it comes to financial literacy and independence.

The first offerings for our investing and entrepreneurship courses include:

Child holding up a dollar bill in front of her face

__Money Minded: Introduction to the Stock Market For Kids__, a course where your child will work with a virtual stock portfolio of $100,000. Your child and their instructor will survey the basics of the stock market, while building skills around different types of investments, assessing potential growth and risk, and how to grow their money responsibly. At the end of the course, your child will develop and present an investment strategy to you and friends to make a case as to why they should receive seed money to start their own brokerage account.

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__Smart Money: Introduction to Personal Finance For Kids__, where your child will gain skills for budgeting, negotiating, and building credit, so they have an understanding of how to drive toward the kind of future they want. Along the way, your child will take on challenges you’ve probably faced yourself—like planning for a car purchase, negotiating for a raise, or even saving for a dream vacation.

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__Be Your Own Boss: Entrepreneurship 101 For Kids__, a course that helps your child design and pitch a business plan for something they’re passionate about. A business is so much more than just an idea, which is why your child will learn about designing their own prototypes, competitor analysis, and testing marketing and growth strategies. While your child gains essential skills into formulating a business plan, they’ll also gain the confidence and pride that comes with building and launching their own vision.

Building on our core courses and launching into life

Juni’s core learning tracks in Computer Science, Math, and English are all designed to build upon each other and reinforce your child’s critical analysis skills and help them make connections so they truly become versatile thinkers. With our personalized project-based approach, your child will always find the “why” behind the lessons, and with our new investing and entrepreneurship courses, they’ll get an incredibly valuable and practical set of skills to help them manage their success and build the future they want.

Give your child the gift of skills that help them navigate the challenges of the real world. Learn more about our new investing and entrepreneurship courses for kids.

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