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Our Elementary A Reading Course for Kids

Juni Learning is excited to introduce Early Elementary A: Discovering the Joy of Reading, our first elementary-level English course for 2nd- and 3rd-grade students, a discovery-based curriculum that is fun and meaningful for students ages 7-9.

In this post, we’ll explain everything that makes this course unique, from our use of discovery-based learning to the 1:1 sessions students will have with our top-tier instructors.

What Is Discovery-Based Learning?

Discovery-based learning puts students at the center of acquiring and building knowledge. Our instructors guide students through activities that unlock the language intuitions that students already possess.
By the end of this course, students will acquire and build in-depth, conceptual knowledge of the foundational skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond. Additionally, by giving students ownership of the learning process, our discovery-based courses foster kids’ curiosity and love of learning.

Why Should Kids Take Early Elementary A?

Our instructors don’t lecture students or otherwise deliver information to a passive audience. Instead, they guide students through carefully designed activities that allow them to make connections and create their understanding of new concepts. The instructors add suggestions and correct misconceptions as needed.

Students then take their discoveries and apply them to comprehensive projects designed to push them to become experts in each literacy concept they discover. Our approach to teaching English/Language Arts is hands-on, fun, and engaging.

Offering a sense of control over the learning process promotes a student’s intrinsic motivation — the desire to learn not for reward but because the activity itself is gratifying. It is this motivation that sparks a life-long interest in learning that will drive students to succeed in later courses and their future careers.

What Will Students Learn in Early Elementary A?

Early Elementary A: Discovering the Joy of Reading is based on the Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, and Language categories from the Common Core State Standards for 2nd and 3rd grade English/Language Arts. The course enables students to build an authentic, personalized understanding of literacy concepts through games, visual arts, and storytelling activities.

An Early Elementary A project in which students write a journal entry from a character’s perspective.

In our course, kids will learn how to identify and explain the central message of both fiction and nonfiction texts and describe a plot’s elements. They’ll learn how to describe characters and how each character impacts the story. At the end of this course and distinguish between literal and nonliteral meanings of words and phrases.

Along the way, kids will:

  • Deliver a kid-friendly news report using Juni’s Recording Studio to discover how to identify the central idea of a nonfiction text.
  • Storyboard a movie on an interactive whiteboard to discover how to parse the moral of a fictional story.
  • Draw idioms and metaphors to discover how to identify figurative language.
An example discovery activity from Early Elementary A, asking kids to take the role of a Character Investigator.

Our Instructors Are the Secret Ingredient

We’re so excited to release an elementary English course that encourages students to explore their learning depth, and our instructors are critical to its effectiveness. Each student is paired with an instructor that they feel comfortable with, ensuring maximum learning and fun. Our instructors come from top US universities and are trained to work with all types of students.

The 1:1 sessions between students and instructors paired with a discovery-based curriculum make our program unique. Students build strong relationships with their instructors throughout this exploration, who serve as near-peer mentors to students progressing through our courses.

Discover Student-Centered Learning

This course combines discovery-based learning with 1:1 instruction and a curriculum based on rigorous Common Core State Standards. This course is designed to nurture a student’s innate ability to learn and love language, providing them with the tools and confidence to thrive in their current and future English courses.

If you want a course that will put your student in the driver’s seat and help them discover their love of English, enroll today!

Read more about our online courses for kids, or speak with a Juni Advisor by calling (650) 263-4306 or emailing advisors@learnwithjuni.com.

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