Meet Our October 2019 Project Winners

Juni Learning coding project of the month - October 2019

Standout Juni Students

Our students at Juni Learning are constantly challenging themselves and demonstrating their passion and creativity in Computer Science. The progress that students make in a short amount of time always amazes us, their parents, and sometimes themselves!

To recognize their hard work and imagination, we are announcing the Juni Project of the Month contest! We have enlisted our instructors, each hand-picked from the top 50 U.S. colleges like Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and MIT, to nominate their students and recognize their stellar programming projects.

For the month of October, we proudly award Juni Project or the Month to Linus U., Ishita B., and Rady P. for excellence in their respective projects! There were many amazing submissions from the thousands of students at Juni, and it was incredibly difficult to select just 3 - which is why we will be running this contest on a monthly basis!

Linus U., 14 Years Old

"Linus has been consistently performing at a high level and his passion for programming is inspiring. For this project, Linus took the time to design and implement his own features, including the option to customize number of test each student took as well as an algorithm that alphabetizes students’ names. Although Linus never fails to impress me with his homework and class work, this project is his best effort yet and I look forward to seeing even better results from him in the future!"
- Jake Z., Juni Instructor, Brown University

Linus' Project: Test Scores (Python Level 2)

Ishita B., 12 Years Old

“Ishita always goes above and beyond with her projects, incorporating creative characters and ideas into improving on her projects. She is incredibly gifted and has completed two Python courses with Juni. She continues to add her own flavor for her projects and find amazing ways to express her creativity in code.”
- Tiffany S., Juni Instructor, Stanford University

Ishita's Project: Master Project (Python Level 1)

Prady P., 12 Years Old

“Prady has demonstrated great perseverance and engrossment in his projects and assignments throughout all of our time together. His curiosity and inquisitiveness always pushes me and him to refine, optimize, and improve our coding. This has culminated recently in the completion of his Master Project for Python Level 1, in which he created his own game that incorporated nearly every concept we’ve covered in the course. This game includes more advanced bonus features made from concepts covered in the course but implemented uniquely. This includes a loading screen awaiting user input to start the game, a timer, and functional power ups that drop periodically.”
- Stanley Z., Juni Instructor, Johns Hopkins University

Prady's Project: Master Project (Python Level 1)

Congratulations again to our three outstanding winners! Be sure to look out for our November winners next month.

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