Juni Project of the Month Winners: June 2020

Screenshots of the winning projects by our star students.

Standout Juni Students

Our students at Juni Learning are constantly challenging themselves and demonstrating their passion and creativity in Computer Science. The progress that students make in a short amount of time always amazes us, their parents, and sometimes themselves!

Once again, to recognize their hard work and creativity, we are excited to present our Project of the Month winners. We've enlisted our instructors, each hand-picked from top 50 U.S. colleges like Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and MIT, to nominate their students and recognize their stellar programming projects.

For June 2020, we proudly award Juni Project of the Month to Sebastian C. and Cristobal G. for excellence in their respective projects! With all the amazing submissions from the thousands of students at Juni, it was truly a challenge to select the winners — which is why we are running this contest on a monthly basis!

Sebastian C., 14 Years Old

“Sebastian showed real dedication to his project by working to develop it throughout the week alongside his Blackjack master project. He also demonstrated his ability to incorporate all concepts he has learned in Python Level 2 to create an in-depth version of Monopoly. He debugged the project and incorporated all the complex aspects of the real board game into his coding and made it very enjoyable to play.

Sebastian was also able to research concepts that he was stuck on such as the try-catch to catch possible errors in his project. This project highlights Sebastian's creativity, dedication, love for coding, and understanding of Python Level 2.”

- Nicole W., Juni Instructor, Vanderbilt University

Sebastian C.'s Project: Final!! (Monopoly Online Ed.) (Python Level 2, Master Project)

Cristobal G., 8 Years Old

“Cristobal has worked so hard on this project. He started working on this master project a few months ago and has been working on it for months in addition to his regular homework. He has shown dedication to this impressive and grand scale project and has incorporated new concepts into it as he has learned more things.

This project stems from his own creativity and is so large it is sometimes hard to keep track of. He has made an overarching story to his game, a riddle section, a fight section, and a continuation 'just in case the fans want a sequel'. He really has thought of everything to make an interactive and enjoyable story / adventure game. His dedication, drive, creativity, and skill that has created this project make him deserving of this award.”

- William S., Juni Instructor, Vanderbilt University

Cristobal G.'s Project: The Knight and the Dragon (Scratch Level 1, Master Project)

More coming next month!

Congratulations again to our outstanding winners! Be sure to look out for our next month winners coming soon.

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