Meet our August 2020 Coding Project of the Month Winners!

a student coded Python turtle project titled brick breaker

Standout Juni Students

Our students at Juni Learning are constantly challenging themselves and demonstrating their passion and creativity in Computer Science. The progress that students make in a short amount of time always amazes us, their parents, and sometimes themselves!

Once again, to recognize their hard work and creativity, we are excited to present our Project of the Month winners. We've enlisted our instructors, each hand-picked from top U.S. colleges like Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and MIT, to nominate their students and recognize their stellar programming projects.

For August 2020, we proudly award Juni Project of the Month to Aarsha M. and Brandon N. for excellence in their respective projects! With all the amazing submissions from the thousands of students at Juni, it was truly a challenge to select the winners — which is why we are running this contest on a monthly basis!

Aarsha M., 12 Years Old

“Aarsha has spent many weeks perfecting her project. She started out with a simple idea of wanting to create some kind of game where a ball bounces off a paddle and then the ball can hit these bricks that will disappear. As we worked more and more on it, she had more and more ideas to improve the game.

She really challenged herself when tackling some of the game components she wanted to include such as allowing the ball to hit a brick more than once based on the row the brick is on. We could have finished the game weeks ago, but because of Aarsha's creativity and drive, she was motivated to spend more time coding to achieve a better product. Overall, I'm very impressed with how much Aarsha has improved throughout this project! ”

- Ying Z., Juni Instructor, Johns Hopkins University

Aarsha M.'s Project: Brick Breaker (Python Level 1 Master Project)

Brandon N., 9 Years Old

“From the start, Brandon had a very original idea that was completely different from many other master projects. He worked very independently on his project, showing a complete knowledge of all the concepts introduced in Python Level 1.

We spent most of class discussing new features to add and made significant progress with every lesson spent on the project. From designing all the buttons to reading the turtle documentation to understanding ideas beyond the scope of the class to implement certain features, Brandon did it all. Just a fantastic project.”

- Davis W., Juni Instructor, Duke University

Brandon N.'s Project: Calculator (Python Level 1 Master Project)

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Congratulations again to our outstanding winners! Be sure to look out for our next month winners coming soon.

A Juni Instructor teaching Scratch.
A Juni Instructor teaches Scratch to a student.

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