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POSTED ON MAY 23, 2022
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Want to learn how to write? From picture books to non-fiction short stories, there’s a whole world of creative possibilities when you explore your writing skills!

Today, we are going to share the best online writing classes. Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school, or high school, there’s a writing program for your unique point of view and abilities.

Ready to jump into the world of writing? Let’s go!

Why Writing Classes?

Want to catch up or get college credits (or just trying to find a muse for your writing process)? Writing classes can provide the inspiration and fundamentals you need!

Unfortunately, traditional education doesn’t place enough of an emphasis on writing as it does on other subjects. That’s where writing classes come in. Along with learning the ropes, writing classes (in person or virtual) can light up your imagination!

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At the end of the day, writing is about expression. Writing courses can help you build the skills and confidence you need to express the world inside your head!

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Best Online Writing Classes

Whether as a supplement to homeschooling or getting ready for college prep, online writing classes can provide writing tips, writing exercises, and even story ideas for any experience or grade level. Let’s take a look at the top online writing courses for kids!

Brave Writer

First up to bat, we have Brave Writer! If you’re looking for a way to fall in love with writing, then this might be a great start. From novice notetakers to aspiring novelists, Brave Writer offers kid-friendly resources and classes to level up your writing skills!

Ideal for any grade level, this writing program is segmented into five main age groups: Beginning Writers (5-8), Growing Writers (9-10), Middle School Writers (11-12), High School Writers (13-14), and College Prep Writers (15-18).

Creative Writing for Kids: Write a Spy Story!

Writing has never been more thrilling! In the Creative Writing for Kids: Write a Spy Story! online course, kids get to learn how to write a spy thriller. From developing characters to plotting a story, this class is super engaging & fun!

Designed for kids age 11-14, Write a Spy Story! is a well-paced course. The class also includes a comprehensive workbook. It’s also great for homeschooled kids, helping to provide a creative boost to standard in-home curricula!

Creative Writing for Kids: Write the Future!

As another course offered by Udemy, Creative Writing for Kids: Write the Future! is all about writing futuristic stories! This is a great supplement to homeschool studies or anyone that wants to flex their futuristic writing muscles.

From futuristic to dystopian to sci-fi, this course helps beginners learn the fundamentals to this type of writing. From character development to plot twists to engaging dialogue, you can learn to put your futuristic ideas on paper!

Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids

With no required prerequisites, kids of all ages (but ideally grades 4-7) can jump right into Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids! This class offers on-demand video, as well as six downloadable resources for an effective, step-by-step approach.

Three separate story ideas are explored in this course, allowing students to explore the most popular themes in fiction writing. These main themes are Pet Story, Quest Story, and Superhero Story. At the end of the course, you get to create your own story!

Five-Minute Creative Writing Challenges

Though this is on a list for kids, Five-Minute Creative Writing Challenges is great for all ages (including elementary kids, teenagers, and adults)! If you want to learn the techniques of some of history’s greatest writers, this is the course for you!

Keep in mind that this course is offered in free and paid versions. The free course offers access to online video content. The paid course offers online video content along with certificate of completion, instructor Q&A, and instructor direct message.

My Favorite Things: Fun & Easy Writing Course

Need help writing full paragraphs? My Favorite Things: Fun & Easy Writing Course for Kids is the class for you! With self-expression at the heart of it, this course helps kids find their love of writing and lifelong learning.

Ideal for ages 5-9, My Favorite Things: Fun & Easy Writing Course for Kids uses cartoons to help kids learn how to write paragraphs on their favorite things. This course includes on-demand video and downloadable resources!

The Writer’s Workshop for Kids

Looking for a writing class geared toward K-6? The Writer’s Workshop for Kids, brought by the instructor Ronni Rowland, is an engaging live-writing class format that is offered via Google Classroom and Zoom!

Creative and non-sectarian, The Writer’s Workshop for Kids inspires kids to write more and in many different writing styles. Utilizing standards-based lessons, the course makes writing fun & accessible for younger kids!

Young Writer’s Blueprint

Are you an aspiring writer aged 6-10? Know one? Young Writer’s Blueprint should be your first stop! Award-winning author, Alice Kuipers, covers different writing skills that include gathering ideas, creating characters & settings, writing short stories, and more!

As a free resource, Young Writer’s Blueprint is meant to boost literacy and love for writing. The course is made up of seven main units, making it easy for adults and young kids to follow along and build a solid writing foundation!

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Final Notes: Writing Classes for Kids

Writing is a magical experience. Regardless of your writing style or experience, writing activities help with creativity, self-expression, communication, and so much more! Language arts as a whole is super helpful in today’s world.

Being able to express yourself clearly takes patience and practice. With the right resources and guidance, you can gain the confidence to create your own graphic novels, children’s books, and anything in between!

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