5 Reasons Why Having Multiple Mentors Prepares Kids for the Future

kids with multiple mentors teaching them

We understand that transitioning across different teachers or mentors can be a bit difficult for students and families at times. But though not immediately obvious, there's actually several reasons why exposing kids of all ages to multiple mentor figures can teach them important life skills!

Here are 5 core reasons why having multiple mentors or instructors can better prepare your student for the future.

1. Learn How to Learn

Students “learn how to learn” best when their learning environment changes from time to time. There’s many different teaching styles ranging from lectures, coaching, activities, group, and even a blend of them all.

But being exposed to multiple styles allows your student to learn from experience and navigate what learning style works best for them.

2. Become Adaptable

As students grow older, they are faced with greater variability and change. Learning how to adapt to change prepares students for modern workplace situations where adapting to the teaching, communication, and feedback styles of a variety of mentors and managers will become a necessity.

Getting early exposure to multiple mentors gives students the metacognitive skills they need to identify mentors and spot important learnings, even when the people delivering those learnings change!

3. See from Different Perspectives

Students gain a richer understanding of content when they learn it from a variety of individuals with diverse lived experience. Like all mentors and educators, our instructors come from many different backgrounds and have experience applying our subjects in different ways.

4. Develop Relationships

The student gets to develop relationships with many mentors, and experience first hand being cared for by many different role models in their fields of interest.

This helps students understand that at an early age, they are accepted for who they are and will be welcomed in any type of career environment.

5. Get Opportunities to Ask More Questions

They can ask different mentors about their career aspirations, how they chose their major, and get inspired to learn more about a wider variety of career paths. It opens the door for them to learn more about ways they can use their STEM skills to positively impact the world.

Find Expert Mentors for Your Student

At the end of the day, learning from multiple mentors provides your student with a wider set of experiences to draw from and to learn how to collaborate effectively even outside of class.

Juni Instructor teaching Python coding for kids

A Juni Instructor teaches Python to a student in class.

Juni Learning lets kids from around the world do exactly that, by connecting them to quality private or group instructors and award-winning computer science, English, and math courses.

With instructors from top universities like UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt University, and more, our goal is to provide the best education possible for your student at a pace that’s just right for them.

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