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Science Tutor

In search of a science tutor? Whether it’s for biochemistry, earth science or another science subject, tutoring sessions can help out a lot!

From elementary school projects to middle school science to high school college prep, there’s a fit for any student’s learning style! In this quick guide, we cover what to look for in a science tutor, along with the best online science tutoring services.

Time to dive into science tutoring!

Why Science Tutoring?

Simply put, learners of all grade levels and abilities can benefit from science help!

Tutoring specifically helps with test prep, study skills, and overall academic success. Your science teacher can help only so much. That’s where a tutor comes in.

Along with boosting grades, tutoring can build confidence and a solid foundation with the fundamentals of any subject. This is particularly true with science. Without proper support, learning (and retaining) information can be super hard. Tutoring makes it easy & fun!

How Much is Science Tutoring?

Online science tutors usually charge an hourly rate. This can range in price, anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. A lot of online science tutoring services also offer pay-as-you-go plans.

You should consider two things: your personal learning style and budget. Tutoring services quite often have free trials. This makes it easy to find out if it’s the right fit.

Regardless of the particular science class you need help with—life sciences, molecular biology, environmental science, whatever it may be—there’s a tutor out there for you!

Picking a Science Tutor

Want the best tutoring experience? Consider the following when selecting a tutor!

Analytical Abilities

As well as connecting with a student, a tutor should have strong analytical-thinking and problem-solving abilities. This comes in super handy. Anyone with any science background can offer basic science mentoring. The key to amazing tutoring is being able to pinpoint challenges for a student and personalize the approach to their needs.

Education and Credentials

Whether they have a bachelor’s degree or a doctorate, a potential tutor should offer the proper background and teaching experience for your needs. Just because they have a degree from a top university doesn’t mean they will be able to help you succeed. For instance, a tutor should have an algebra background for AP Physics 1.


As touched on before, a great tutor will have the proper education and credentials to help a student along their science adventure. You also want to keep in mind your academic needs. For example, if you’re looking for help in botany, then you want to find a botany specialist. A general tutoring can be helpful, but if you have a focus, it’s best to find a tutor that fits the bill!

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Studying Between Tutoring

It doesn’t end with the classroom or tutoring! If you want to get ahead, follow these tips!

Cover the Basics

What makes for successful learning? A strong foundation! Nailing the basics of a science subject can help a student be more confident and ready for more advanced learning. It can also be super helpful, especially with physics, to boost math skills.

Pinpoint Challenges

Want to optimize your tutoring sessions? Identify concepts with which you’re having issues between sessions. With the assistance of a well-versed and experienced tutor, you can pinpoint challenges and efficiently overcome them!

Illustrate Concepts

Science is super interesting, but it can also be tough to understand. Sometimes, it helps to draw things out... literally! This can help you get your head around complex theories and the like. From natural sciences to social sciences, this can help you remember key information!


Best Online Science Tutoring Services

Need science help? Here are several of the top online science tutors!

Club Z! Tutoring

Want to learn science but don’t have a lot of experience with it? Club Z! Tutoring, which is considered one of the best science tutoring platforms for beginners, is a fantastic place to start! Along with strong foundational learning, Club Z! offers learning opportunities tailored to a kid’s unique learning style and abilities.


Looking for one of the best (especially when it comes to physics)? You just found it with eTutorWorld! Valuing the curious mind, this tutoring service encourages students to explore the world around them. If you’re looking for flexibility and tailored learning, eTutorWorld is ready to help you along your science journey!

Khan Academy

Highly popular and well-known, Khan Academy has a solid reputation when it comes to science learning. From middle school biology to college physics, you can learn a lot. The platform also offers a large library of resources, which includes videos, exercises, learning materials, and more. It’s a free service, but donations are welcome!


College prep can be hard. With StudyPoint, it’s pretty easy and even fun! Specializing in three main science subjects—biology, chemistry, and physics—StudyPoint makes college-level learning accessible. The service makes it a cinch through its tutor-matching process, connecting students with the right guidance for their post-high school needs!


In search of affordable tutoring? Then take a look at TutorEye! This is a great service for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Top science subjects in botany, chemistry, physics, and zoology. This service helps students easily grasp complex subjects. If you need 1:1 attention (and affordability), TutorEye is a top pick!


Want a tutor from an Ivy League school? TutorMe has you covered! Through a vetting process, the service offers some of the best tutors in the nation. This helps bring out the best in every student. You also get to choose either audio or video chats. Another great thing is that TutorMe offers many learning tools, including virtual chalkboards, for easy learning!

Varsity Tutors

Like small groups over 1:1 tutoring? Then you should definitely check out Varsity Tutors! The tutoring service provides science help via small classes. This helps make it hands-on and fun. Having found just the right size for optimal learning, Varsity Tutors offers classes for six to nine students. This makes for an engaging environment!

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Final Notes: Science Tutor

Professional science tutoring can help you with science tests, college prep, and so much more!

There are different versions of tutoring. Do you like to learn in a group setting? You can find a tutoring format for groups. Do you thrive with one-on-one interaction? There’s a tutor out there that can connect with you and tailor the lesson plan to the subject area and your needs.

From physical science to chem to college-level biology, mentoring can go a long way in helping you succeed in school, hobbies, and your future career!

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