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Online Classes for Kids

Online learning offers so much! From boosting confidence to providing scheduling convenience, age-appropriate online courses check a lot of boxes. Today, we are going to take a look at the best online classes for kids!

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Why Online Classes for Kids?

Education doesn’t stop in the classroom. Whether homeschooled or attending public school, a student may need a supplement or extra help. Enter online classes for kids. These classes and resources can help stop learning loss (especially during school breaks), as well as help a young learner get ahead and explore their favorite interests from anywhere on the planet!

From DIY art classes to critical thinking to homeschool resources, there are so many reasonably priced and free resources for learners of all ages. Digital learning resources, Zoom, and a variety of other online tools have made it so much easier for kids to learn and grow.

Along with accessibility, online classes allow for much greater convenience and flexibility. From sports to extracurricular activities, students can have a hard time fitting in things into their tight schedules. Same can go for parents. Virtual classes can oftentimes be taken at whatever time is most convenient, providing an easy fit for a busy student’s needs.

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Best Online Classes for Kids

Below, you’ll find online classes for kids of all ages by some of the best educational websites and platforms (listed in alphabetical order)!

1. Activity Hero

Self-proclaimed as a “one-stop shop” for kids classes and camps, Activity Hero hosts courses from across the country. Whether you’re looking for a live online class, on-demand activities, or free learning experiences, ActivityHero is a great resource! One example on the platform is Mighty Coders, which is an after-school academy and teaches fantastic coding fundamentals!

2. Alchemie

Looking for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) resources? How about ones on organic chemistry? Alchemie has you covered! What sets Alchemie apart is that it’s an interactive digital learning tool specifically tailored to learning about organic chemistry. As of publication of this guide, Alchemie is working on a more accessible website.

3. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

If you’re in search of meditation and mindfulness for kids, Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is a great resource! From calm breathing techniques to problem-solving to self-control lessons, the app is super accessible with the help of a lovable Sesame Street monster. There are silly animations and fun-loving interactions that make for an enjoyable experience for both child and parent!

4. CheckMath

Need help with math? CheckMath isn’t like other math resources. What makes it so popular? You get instant feedback on your work! This makes it super convenient and efficient to learn everything from fractions to roots & radicals to polynomials. Suited for ages 10-16, CheckMath helps guide a student step by step, helping to build confidence and a solid understanding of math!

5. CK-12

With a focus on offering equal access to quality education, CK-12 offers school closure resources for remote learning. During the pandemic, many students and parents were looking for various learning resources. CK-12 stands above most of them by providing hand-picked (and free) online lessons in a variety of subjects (including math, science, social studies, and photography)!

6. CMU CS Academy

Searching for computer science curricula for high school students? How about one that’s free of charge? CMU CS Academy offers just that! Fun yet rigorous, the interactive, graphics-based curricula is offered by one of the most prestigious schools in the nation, Carnegie Mellon University. It also offers a ton of resources for teachers and 24/7 online support!

7. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Scholastic endeavors like math and reading are super important, but so are mind and body practices! Whether they’re stuck at home or simply want to explore the world of yoga, Cosmic Kids Yoga provides a great opportunity of relaxation and mindfulness for kids. Note: unlike most of the recommendations on this list, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a kid-friendly YouTube channel.

8. Create & Learn

Considered one of the top resources for STEM virtual courses, Create & Learn is known for its small-group focus and live instructors. This is a phenomenal way to learn everything from coding to math to robotics through customized learning and awarding-winning curricula. For instance, you can take the Free Intro to Scratch Coding, which is a great way to get into coding at an early age!

9. Duolingo

¿Quieres aprender español (“Do you want to learn Spanish”)? Êtes-vous intéressé par la langue française (“Are you interested in the French language”)? Duolingo is a highly engaging, enjoyable & effective approach to learning how to speak a new language! Specializing in bite-sized lessons and specialized learning, this world-renowned platform makes learning languages super fun!

10. GoNoodle

Known nationally for its meditation and mindfulness content, GoNoodle is a platform that offers a wide variety of videos on numerous subjects! These video subjects include adventure, cooking, music, nature, and various STEM-related topics. Content is short and sweet, typically 1-5 minutes in length. Afterwards, kids can test what they’ve learned with fun activities!

11. iRobot Education

In search of a one-stop spot for coding, computer science, and robotics? iRobot Education certainly fits that bill! Through the use of storytelling, young students get to learn the fundamentals of programming robots and much more. Classes are built around short videos (5-15 minutes long) and offer plenty of resources to help build solid skills for aspiring kid coders!

12. Khan Academy

As a nonprofit organization, Khan Academy is considered one of the best of the best when it comes to kids learning. The platform also offers lesson plans to help educators incorporate it into various learning settings, including in-person classes. There are a multitude of subjects offered for all grade levels ranging from Pre-K to high school to college!

13. Lunch Doodles

Love to draw and doodle? Want to explore the world of artmaking? Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems is a fantastic pick! Helmed by author and illustrator Mo Willems (via the Kennedy Center), this education resource is adored by both kids and adults. Grab your art supplies and join Mo on a drawing and doodling adventure that’s sure to enthrall and inspire your young artist!


14. Minecraft Education Edition

Combining elements of game-based learning, immersive experience, and project-based challenges, Minecraft Education Edition is an awesome STEM resource! Highly creative and collaborative, the platform offers more than 500 lessons and access to a global community. As of the publication of this guide, Minecraft Education Edition had just unveiled a new website!

15. MoMath

Is your student showing interest in math? Could they benefit from some more work on the fundamentals? MoMath (short for the National Museum of Mathematics) offers free resources for children of all ages! Check out the weekly schedule for lessons. You can find several free offerings, as well as paid ones. Note: there are free spots set aside for families in need.

16. Mystery Science

If you’re searching for a science curriculum for K-5, Mystery Science is one of the best! Offering hands-on and standards-aligned science lessons, the platform provides highly curated, remote-learning friendly activities and lessons geared toward the young, curious mind. Sign up is free, and the platform also provides plenty of teaching resources for stress-free education!

17. National Geographic Kids

As a perennial favorite, National Geographic Kids keeps on offering awesome facts on various subjects. These subjects include animals, geography, history, science, and much more! Kids love the fun games and competitions. Parents and educators love homework help, experiments, videos, quizzes, and various other resources that create an overall amazing learning experience!

18. Outschool

Having offered free online courses during the pandemic, Outschool is a highly popular resource! Offering more than 140,000 classes, the platform caters to the needs of kids ages 3-18. Interactive, engaging, and unique, the class selection covers virtually every topic. From How to Make Awesome Movies to College Preparation Writing for High School, Outschool outshines the competition!

19. Penjee

Those wanting to learn Python programming language should definitely check out Penjee! The curriculum is designed to ensure you learn in a highly supportive manner. This results in much higher completion and retention outcomes. The tutorials are set up in such a way that a student can start their Python coding journey right away!

20. Rockalingua

Want to learn Spanish? If you or a kid you know is a beginner, then Rockalingua is right up your alley! Ideal for young children, this online resource teaches Spanish in a way that’s both accessible and enjoyable. It’s a favorite among teachers because of its engaging approach and use of songs to learn how to confidently hear and speak in Spanish!

21. Sawyer

Sawyer offers free online classes! If you’re looking for an easy way to browse and take virtual courses, Sawyer is the place to be. You’ll find hundreds of classes in various topics that include coding, performing arts, creative writing, and music. Along with courses, the platform also highlights clubs and workshops. A popular class is Online LEGO Studio Winter Village.

22. Skillshare

Think Skillshare is just for adults? Think again! This super popular online platform helps kids of all ages explore different creative pursuits, including animation, coding, drawing, painting, and more. From short courses to full-length projects. Skillshare offers free membership with a free and paid option to partake in classes for a variety of interests and skill levels!

23. SmartMusic

If you’re looking for a great way to support in-person music instruction, SmartMusic rings true! Home to one of the largest music libraries on the web, SmartMusic offers some of the best music education tools for kids. There are teaching tools, practice tools, sight reading help, music notation, and so much more to help you along your musical journey!

24. TypingClub

Looking for a great touch typing platform? Considered one of (if not the) best web-based ways to learn how to type, TypingClub is a super effective solution for both individual students and schools (with an optional paid version for schools). The goal is to keep practicing until you acquire all five stars. In as little as a few minutes each day, a kid can become a typing pro!

25. Zearn Math

Whether in kindergarten or fifth grade, Zearn Math has your student’s math needs covered! Specializing in K-5 curriculum, Zearn Math offers no less than 400 hours of online lessons with on-screen instructors. If you’re looking for a way to get ahead during the summer or ensure that learning loss is kept to a minimum, this is a fantastic resource for younger kids!

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Final Thoughts: Online Classes for Kids

Whether you’re in New York City or a rural community, online classes help to keep kids on track! Whether they mainly learn at home or at a public school, online courses can provide the tools to learn new skills and hone already acquired ones.

As touched on earlier, kids can often have pretty busy schedules. This can include in-person camps, sports, and band practice. Online courses can help alleviate any potential scheduling conflicts. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of home or even while traveling!

From private tutorials to small-group learning to scholastic camps, there are so many opportunities for enrichment out there. Kids with any variety of interests and hobbies, from astronomy to language arts to Roblox, can level up in things like test prep, problem-solving abilities, and even social skills. It all comes down to finding what works best for your student!

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