One on One Tutoring
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The best learning tends to happen in a private, relaxed space. For children especially, creating that environment is absolutely vital for long-term development and education. Classrooms are a primary learning environment for children, as is tutoring.

Tutoring has come more into focus since the pandemic, as there has been a more significant disruption in learning that is slowly starting to come back to normal. However, tutoring has many benefits, and it proves to be an incredibly valuable addition to a child’s academic journey.

Research has consistently shown that tutoring can be immensely beneficial for students. Bloom's 2 sigma problem (1984) is an educational phenomenon found that, on average, students who received one-on-one tutoring performed significantly better than students educated in a classroom environment. Furthermore, the study found that children receiving 1-on-1 tutoring attained higher levels of achievement compared to students educated in a classroom environment.

Balancing between classroom learning and tutoring ensures that children get the best of both worlds throughout the school year. There are many benefits to online tutoring as academic support, combined with initiatives by the school district, and we’ll explore these benefits in this article.

Benefits of one-on-one tutoring

1. Addresses different learning styles

One of the main benefits of one-on-one tutoring is that it can be adapted to different learning styles. Classroom learning can often be challenging for children as it might not be the learning style they feel most comfortable with. But if supplemented with tutoring, children can learn in new ways while still getting the support they need. For example, tutoring sessions can include more visual learning tools or other styles depending on what children feel most comfortable with.

2. A private space for learning

Grasping new concepts and information isn’t always accessible, and it might lead to children feeling embarrassed or frustrated when that happens during the school year.

Tutoring services can bridge the gap and provide a safe space for children to learn on their own terms. Tutoring can be done in small group settings or one-on-one with expert tutors to address student’s needs in a comfortable and private space.

Classrooms can often feel busy and overwhelming for children and might not be totally suitable for their learning needs. However, the best part of tutoring is that there is a greater sense of privacy so that children can learn, explore, and ask the questions they need without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed.

3. Design a tutoring program based on their needs

With one-to-one tutoring, such as Juni’s tutoring subscription, parents and children get to design a teaching experience based on individual needs. Whether it’s test prep for high school students, specific subject tutoring such as math tutoring, or ongoing academic success, it’s entirely up to you. The benefits of one-on-one tutoring are that children can dedicate time to concepts as needed and can better tailor the learning experience to suit their needs. In addition, children can get homework help working with their tutor or learn something new and different that they might not get in the classroom.

Juni’s one-on-one tutoring programs are tailored to students' needs from the beginning, with expert tutors handpicked based on what’s required. With one-to-one tutoring, children and parents get to have greater control over academic support.

Juni’s tutoring subscription includes office hours so that children have time to raise specific questions, access to study groups for a more social small group learning experience, and other support measures. Plus, tutoring comes with course roadmaps and checkpoints to ensure that the program is running on track, and there are ways to gauge progress.

4. Convenient options for tutoring

The other benefit of tutoring is that many convenient options are available for students and children. Online tutoring can be done anywhere, as it just requires a program like Zoom and a good internet connection.

Many tutors have moved to online tutoring because it is more convenient and does not require children and parents to try to fit travel into their schedules. Instead, children can have an in-depth learning experience in the comfort of their own homes at a time that works best for everyone.

Or, if you’re seeking a different experience, in-person tutoring options may be available. The goal of tutoring is to tailor it to the learner rather than trying to get the student to fit in with a certain kind of learning style. Private tutoring can be scheduled in between extracurriculars and other activities to make it work seamlessly with schedules without feeling overwhelming.

5. Learn new subjects with one-on-one tutoring

Another great benefit of tutoring is that it isn’t just relegated to subjects being taught at school. Many parents are now using tutoring as a way for children to learn new skills that are not necessarily being taught in school.

For example, Juni’s one-on-one tutoring service has the best tutors that teach children like Python, coding, and other vital skills that can really benefit children as they grow up. Juni’s tutoring service is designed to be an in-depth learning experience tailored to learning needs, grade level, and other factors. It’s a truly bespoke experience that enables children to immerse themselves in online learning and gain new knowledge in critical areas such as tech, science, and math.

6. One-on-one tutors can help with test prep

As test scores and standardized testing takes on more importance, going that alone can be challenging for both children and parents. If you’re encountering test prep options for the first time, it can be overwhelming trying to create a learning plan for academic success. Tutors can be an excellent source for test preparation and help children feel confident in their test-taking skills.

With online tutoring or in person tutoring, you don’t need to take on the stress of test prep and getting children ready for their academic journey. Instead, experienced tutors can help across all stages of test preparation and empower your children to feel confident and prepared as they progress in their educational journey.

7. Tutoring sets up children for academic success

Ultimately, the overarching benefit of tutoring is that it tees up children for short-term and long-term academic success. Tutoring allows them to play with new concepts, spend time on things they are stuck on, and engage them more in their learning. In addition, whether it is online learning or in person, tutoring gives children a chance to build discipline and other academic habits needed for success down the line.

Plus, with access to expert tutors and innovative courses using Juni One-on-One Subscription, children are able to explore much more than ever before and flex their academic muscles. Tutoring is a safe space for children to learn core skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and more. And with guidance from an expert throughout it all, children have more room to explore new learning styles and try new things in a safe space.

One-to-one online tutoring to help your child

As we’ve explored, there are many advantages for both children and parents when it comes to tutoring. Tutoring can be used to build up and augment existing skills or create a pathway for learning something new and different for children. The Juni One-on-One Subscription is designed for children 8-18. and brings the best instructors and tutors to create an in-depth, immersive learning experience.

With Juni One-on-One tutoring, children can build up skills by learning with a private instructor on their own terms. Courses include coding, crypto, entrepreneurship, and more. Subjects offered for tutoring are specifically designed based on what kids are interested in learning and what aligns with current trends to ensure children have the most relevant options available that set them up for future success. Learn more about Juni's one-to-one tutoring here.

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