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Math competition is a great way to build problem-solving skills, confidence, and more. Whether a student is in elementary school, middle school or high school, there’s an opportunity that can fit their needs.

Today, we are going to highlight Math League, one of the premier mathematics competition networks in the United States.

Let’s take a look at what Math League is all about!

What is Math League?

Established in 1977 by two math teachers, Daniel Flegler and Steven Conrad, Math League represents the largest network of math competitions (at both local and state levels) for elementary school to high school students (grade levels 3-12).

Math League in total interacts with more than 30,000 students annually from across the globe via 400+ Math League contests. From algebra to trigonometry to pre-calculus, participants are able to strengthen their math skills exponentially via competition.

From improving one’s personal goals to seeing the team score go up, Math League is one of the best ways to bolster academic enthusiasm and love of learning for life!

Why Math League?

Along with boosting self-confidence and instilling lifelong skills, Math League is an active & dynamic learning experience. Participants are shown new challenges each contest, as well as given the opportunity to take home questions and answers as practice materials.

At the end of each Math League competition, solutions to each problem presented are clearly explained to the mathletes. This helps keep kids engaged, curious, and eager to continue along the path of math learning and academic excellence!

The Math Program can be split up into 4 main sections.

Elementary School

Each year, Math League presents several Contest Problem Sets for elementary school students. These sets are utilized at the local and state levels, which then leads to a National Championship that currently takes place in June.

Middle School

As with the elementary school level, Math League also unveils several Contest Problem Sets for middle schoolers. These sets help prepare students (6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade) for various contests with similar format.

High School

There are two main championships that the Math League helps organize for high schoolers: the State High School Math Championships (held in several states) and the National Championship (typically organized in May).

Classes, Workshops, and Tutoring

As well as providing opportunities to join a variety of math competitions, Math League also offers math classes, workshops, and tutoring to help keep students on top of their game throughout the school year.


How to Join Math League

Now that you know the what and why, let’s look at how to join Math League.

First, you’ll want to visit the homepage. The website showcases mathematics competitions divided by elementary, middle, and high school levels. This is a great resource for individual students and math teams.

There are three main components to joining: downloading sample tests, creating a Math League profile, and joining their mailing list. You can register as a parent, teacher, student or other. All of these steps can be found on the homepage.

With the advent of social distancing, Math League has been offering online courses to help keep mathletes sharp and ready for upcoming in-person contests. You can also check out frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the website.

Final Thoughts on Math League

Joining a math team or math competition via Math League is a fantastic opportunity for many reasons. Being a part of mathematics competitions helps participants level up their critical thinking, self-confidence, and academic curiosity!

Other great resources and platforms include MATHCOUNTS, CML (Continental Mathematics League), and Online Math League.

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