The Ultimate Guide to Juni Course Formats: Find What Works for You
Juni Learning Class Formats Overview

Choosing the best learning opportunities for your family shouldn’t be a challenge. It should be easy, fun, and focused on finding the topic that gets your student excited to learn.

But we know there’s more to it than that.

We know that all kids are different, and not every student learns the same way. That life can be hectic, and it can be hard to fit class time into busy and constantly shifting schedules.

That’s why we’re here, to make the process as effortless as possible. To help you find a course that matches your kid’s learning needs & style, and that fits your family’s calendar. So you can get to the good part–the part where you’re confident they’re in the right class, and they’re loving learning.

Engaging & fun online classes for kids, created with the real-world in mind

At Juni, our mission is to build the best learning experience, one that unlocks every student’s ability to shape the real world. And that doesn’t just mean teaching real-world skills–it also means offering courses that work for your real-world schedule.

Juni is an online learning experience where kids 7-18 years old can learn real-world skills and solve real- world problems. Juni’s 10,000+ students focus on critical STEAM topics, like coding, finance & investing, math, and more. We offer courses in formats designed to fit student and family needs, so it’s easy to find your learner’s next favorite class.

An intro to Juni course formats, so you can fit learning to your family

No two students are the same, so Juni offers three different learning formats– each created with real families like yours in mind. Whether your student learns best from a mentor, prefers to collaborate with others, or needs more flexibility to fit a busy schedule, we’ve got a format for you.

  • One-on-One | private 1:1 classes tailored to your learner, with a hand-picked, vetted instructor from top universities.

  • On-Demand | Flexible, self-guided access to an unlimited library, plus live instructor support along the way.

  • Bootcamp | A fun, online learning experience over a set period of time where kids learn real-world skills and go from intro to impact within weeks.

So no matter what life throws at you, you can be sure that your learner is getting the real-world skills they need from an online learning community loved by over 6,000 families.


Juni One-on-One Subscription

Timeframe: Ongoing

Type: Monthly Subscription

Guidance: Instructor-guided

Class size: 1:1 (your student + your instructor!)

Get online courses tailored to your learner with Juni One-on-One Subscription. This is our original Juni experience that’s earned a 4.9/5 rating on TrustPilot.

This in-depth, one-on-one format is a hands-on way for your student to catch up, get ahead, or learn a subject not taught in many schools.

Our vetted instructors from top universities are what sets these courses apart. Keep your student engaged with a hand-matched instructor who teaches class in a way that fits their learning style and interests. So they don’t get just another tutor–they get a mentor who helps them grow and inspires their future.

Juni One-on-One offers private and personalized 1:1 sessions that dive deep into our most popular topics like JavaScript, Personal Finance, Novel Writing, AP Calculus and more.

Searching for a way to take their in-school learning to the next level? Or a way to fill an important space in your homeschool curriculum? Try Juni One-On-One offerings in courses like Intro to Biology, Scratch Level 1, and Entrepreneurship 101. This format also includes access to homework help, clubs, office hours, weekly session notes, and more.

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Juni On Demand Subscription

Timeframe: Ongoing

Type: Monthly or annual Subscription

Guidance: Self-guided

Class size: 1 (your student!)

Keep things flexible with Juni On-Demand and take classes whenever works best for your family’s busy schedule.

Our On-Demand format sets your learner up with self-guided access to our most popular courses so students can explore and learn real skills at their own pace.

Easy to fit into any schedule, Juni On-Demand Subscription gives you unlimited access to 150+ hours of content (with more being added every month!).

Use your access to explore a wide array of topics, like Web Development, Minecraft, and Robotics!

On the hunt for a way to supplement their learning and spark their interest in new subjects? Let Juni On-Demand be your resource for courses like Python Level 1 and Investing in the Stock Market.

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Juni Bootcamps

Timeframe: Course specific, usually 2 weeks - 4 weeks (with 1 class a week)

Type: Individual course

Guidance: Instructor-guided

Class size: 1+ (your student + the instructor + the potential for other like-minded learners!)

Take your learner from intro to impact in weeks with Juni Bootcamps.

This format is an online learning intensive where kids learn foundational skills over a more compact and pre-set period of time. So your student’s learning is impactful, and the scheduling & commitment is easy to handle.

With many of them created and taught by our very own instructors in topics that reflect what they're passionate about, give your student a chance to learn something exciting and new like Screenwriting, Travel Spanish, or Sports Analytics.

Juni Bootcamps are also a great way to add a new activity to your learner’s next break!

Looking for a hassle-free coding summer camp or a hands-on winter break activity? Check out what Juni Bootcamps are coming up–like Python, Game Engines, Live Coding Music, and more!

Did we mention Juni Bootcamps come with a money back guarantee?*

Find The Bootcamp For You

Note: Juni Bootcamps can be refunded if they’re not the right fit, as long as student withdrawal occurs before the camp’s second class

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Now that you know more about the formats Juni offers, you can get to the fun part: helping your learner figure out what subject they want to explore next!

Discover all our current courses in our course explorer.

Because no matter the format, Juni courses are an online experience you can trust. Where students learn the skills they need for the future, in subjects that are often hard to find in schools. All taught in a hands-on way kids love.

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