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Kids are naturally curious. This lends well to STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning. Those interested in the way the world works enjoy learning about engineering. Today, we take a look at engineering for kids!

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What is Engineering?

Engineering is the part of science & technology that deals with the design, creation, and usage of engines, structures, and machines.

From skyscrapers to robots to data analysis tools, engineering is the cornerstone of many interests and careers. Essentially, engineering utilizes math and science to explore problems and come up with real-world solutions.

Engineering can be found in virtually every job. Having a working knowledge of the discipline is helpful for many reasons. Whether you want to be an engineer or data scientist, engineering is a foundational subject!

Why Engineering for Kids?

As mentioned already, kids are super curious. Many children are naturally interested in engineering. Without proper nurturing, however, this interest can decrease over time. Also, we all tend to lose knowledge as we get older. Providing consistent opportunities to learn about engineering (and other subjects) helps to solidify interest and skills later in life.

Along with boosting a love for learning, engineering lessons can prepare students for STEM fields. When it comes to engineering jobs, there are a ton of options: mechanical engineering, robotics, aerospace, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, and so much more.

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Engineering Activities for Kids

Kids learn a lot from engaging & hands-on engineering activities! Let’s take a look.

Elementary School

Paper Airplane Engineering is a fun introduction to the world of engineering! There’s also the perennial favorite of DIY stomp rockets (great for all ages). Want to keep things grounded? Check out how to build a toilet paper roll balloon car.

Middle School

At the top of our list is the Egg Drop Engineering Project. Check out the 3Doodler Science & Engineering Activity Kit to build various working models. Another great option is Squishy Circuits, allowing kids to build unicorns and more!

High School

One of the most popular engineering projects is the Rube Goldberg Machine. Want to explore solar power? A simple solar oven is also a great project. And for those that want to explore batteries, the two-cell battery experiment is a crowd favorite!

Books on Engineering for Kids

Along with engineering activities and tutoring, books on engineering are great for any kid’s learning journey! Here are some of the best books on engineering for kids.

Basic Electricity

Written by the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Basic Electricity covers the basics of electricity! This is considered one of the best books on the subject.

Basic Machines and How They Work

If you’re looking for one of the best books on basic theory, look no further than Basic Machines and How They Work. From levers to pulleys to axles, this is a great read!

Engineering Activity Book

Ideal for ages 6-10, Engineering Activity Book offers full-color mazes, puzzles, quizzes, and more. STEM learning is clear, simple, and fun with this popular book!

Engineering Feats & Failures

Throughout history, there have been both amazing accomplishments and failures. In Engineering Feats & Failures, kids can explore the Titanic, Hoover Dam, and more!

Getting Started with Engineering

Got a tinkerer on your hands? Need something to satiate their curiosity? Getting Started with Engineering is a great pick for helping kids to think like an engineer!

Mistakes That Work

From sandwiches to silly putty to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mistakes That Work does exactly as the title implies—exploration of “mistakes” that are actually innovations!


In search of hands-on projects involving engineering and other STEAM subjects? Filled with 50+ projects, STEAM Kids covers science, tech, engineering, arts, and math!

The Book of Forces

Written by Metin Bektas, The Book of Forces is a clear resource on all the forces that can be found in the world. Note: should have a basic understanding of algebra.

The Way Things Work

A favorite around the world, this updated version of The Way Things Work continues to explore the latest technology and its inner workings with awesome illustrations!

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Written for ages 5 and up, Rosie Revere, Engineer follows the adventures of Rosie and her friends Ada Twist and Iggy Peck as Rosie endeavors to become a great engineer!

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Final Notes: Engineering for Kids

There are many advantages to learning about engineering, including boosting teamwork, problem-solving skills, and engineering experience. From learning lovers to young innovators, the next generation can take advantage of learning about the field of engineering to propel themselves into the future!

From Lego to robotics, there are several fun & engaging ways to explore the engineering design process and more. Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school or high school, the best time to start your engineering learning adventure is right now.

Of course, as with any other subject, you need the right balance of resources and guidance. Whether you’re looking for in-person or online support, be sure to take the time to research your options. There’s a fit out there that’s ideal for any student!

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