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Elementary School Tutoring

Looking to boost your little one’s reading comprehension? Improve report cards? Get a young student prepared for middle school, high school, and beyond? Whatever the case may be, elementary school tutoring can offer a ton of benefits!

In this handy guide, we share what to look for in an online tutoring program or individual tutor. From math tutors to science tutors to language arts tutors, there’s tutoring tailored to any student’s grade level, learning style, and particular needs.

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Why Elementary School Tutoring Services?

The elementary school years are packed with learning. This is a formative period in a learner’s life. Whether attending public schools or in-home elementary education, a young child requires the right balance of guidance & resources to not only effectively study but retain what they learn.

Teachers do their best to meet the needs of their classroom. However, a child may require supplemental help in order to thrive. Along with homework help, test prep, and improved grades, tutoring can build confidence and problem-solving skills in young kids.

Who Needs Tutoring?

Whether a young student is in need of reading help or coding tutorials, tutoring can help them achieve their goals! Enrollment in a tutoring service can help fill the gaps. Also, a child might be showing certain signs that they need tutoring assistance.

Here are some of the signs:

  • Lowered interest in learning and school subjects

  • Not keeping up with or completing homework assignments

  • Grades are not improving or slipping

  • Not showing desired results after a lot of studying

  • Displaying low self-confidence or academic frustration

If a child is exhibiting one or several of the aforementioned signs, remember that this happens to everyone. Instead of being hard on oneself, there are several options available to help alleviate these issues and grow. Elementary school tutoring is definitely a big one.

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Choosing Elementary School Tutoring

Tutoring is a special bond between instructor and student. Whether it’s 1:1 private tutoring or small group tutoring sessions or learning centers, there’s a fit for a young student’s learning style and specific academic needs. Here are steps to ensure a proper fit!

Understand Student’s Needs

Elementary students are highly curious. They are constantly learning about the world around them. Sometimes, however, they can get stuck or lost. This can affect them in various ways, including from an academic perspective. The key to helping find the right tutoring? Assessment.

Before you start looking for a tutor, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Does your student need general assistance (study skills and so on)? Do they require specific help in a subject like writing, math or science? It’s super important to be clear on their focus points.

Another big element is learning style. One student might thrive in a group setting, while another does better with one-on-one interaction. An effective tutor can evaluate their needs and tailor the approach accordingly.

It’s also good to keep in mind if this is a young student’s first time being tutored. If so, it can take some time to adjust to the new experience. With the help of an effective tutor, a kid can feel confident and have fun while learning about myriad subjects!

Know Where to Look

It can be easy to feel like you're drowning in a sea of tutoring options. There are so many out there! Which one are you supposed to trust? The key is to know where to look in order to not be overwhelmed and be able to confidently narrow your search.

One tip is to approach local learning centers, nonprofit organizations, and local school programs. The school district administration or guidance office of a local college can be a great resource. If they can’t directly help, they can often connect you with the right assistance.

Another avenue may be closer than you think. Your student’s school, for instance, might offer in-school or peer tutoring. What is peer tutoring? It’s when students of varying or similar academic success are paired together for support. This is actually a great option for any grade level!

Finally, there’s online options. Juni, for example, offers tailored online courses for kids in a variety of subjects. Whether in elementary school, 8th grade or high school, we currently provide more than 80 online courses!

Do Your Research

Got a list of potential tutors? Now it’s time to use the litmus test!

In order to successfully select a tutoring solution, you want to consider three main points: tutoring credentials, philosophy & methodology, and references/background check.

First, let’s take a look at their credentials. Where did the go to school? What degrees do they have? What is their specialty? How much teaching experience do they have (as well as how many students and in what types of settings)?

Second, it’s important to know a tutor’s specific methodology. What strategies do they employ? Are they fairly rigid or focused on a subject? Is there room to adjust to a student’s unique needs or challenges? All these questions are integral to a positive tutoring experience.

Third, take a look at their references, background check, and vetting process when possible. A tutor can spend a lot of time with a student, so you want to ensure a productive, healthy outcome. Established tutors will not hesitate to provide this info upon request.

Pick a Tutor

Covered the previous tips? Great! Now it’s time to choose a tutoring solution!

Along with understanding whether your student requires group or solo help, there are several points you want to consider. These include cost, location (in person or virtual), required resources (and tutoring supplies), lesson plans, scheduling flexibility, and desired outcomes.

You may want to list the above points according to importance. If, for example, your top concern is location, then place that at the top and work down the list from there.

Once you actually begin to reach out to tutoring services, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Choosing a tutor is a big decision, and you want to ensure that you and your potential tutoring are clear and comfortable with the process!

Track Progress

Have you found a tutor? Awesome! Now it’s time to monitor progress.

Clear communication between tutor, student, and guardian is crucial. Along with that, it’s super helpful to get feedback. Many tutoring services provide reports or online resources that allow you to keep tabs on your student’s progress.

Another tip is to sit in on a tutoring session. This helps you get a way better feel for how the process works (along with seeing the interaction between student and instructor).

From teaching kids Scratch coding to real-world life skills for the future, tutoring success comes down to connection. Your student can fly high with the right support and a positive learning experience!

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Final Notes: Elementary School Tutoring

Early childhood education is foundational to a kid’s personal and professional success. Whether a kindergartener or sixth grader, a student can catch up or get ahead in a variety of subjects (from social studies to physics to even computer programming) with a tutor.

The key is to find a certified teacher or tutoring service that can personalize the experience. And it doesn’t stop with elementary school. Middle school students, as well as high school students, can also greatly benefit from tutoring!

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