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Computer science, the study of computers, is an invaluable subject. From video games to websites to robotics, the study of computer programming opens up a whole new world of possibilities for hobbies, academic pursuits, careers, and more.

The value of computer science and coding is pretty obvious, but which coding courses are you supposed to enroll a student in? It definitely can feel like an overwhelming task. Today, we’ll give you an intro to the world of coding and share the best coding classes for teens.

Ready? Let’s go!

Why Coding Classes?

Whether you’re into video games like Minecraft or mobile apps or robots, coding experience can help you better understand how it all works. It’s also a great way to bolster STEAM learning, as well as prepare for the hobbies and careers of the future.

Knowing how to code allows you to apply it to numerous real-world applications. From web design to video games inspired by the likes of Roblox, teens are able to greatly boost their problem-solving and creativity skills.



Simply put, there are endless career opportunities available to those who learn how to code now. From app developers to robotics specialists, the future is bright for young coders.

The most popular careers for coding include software application developer, computer programmer, machine learning specialist, computer systems engineer, web developer, and database administrator.

Along with these more straightforward careers, there are a host of highly creative & artistic opportunities connected to the world of programming. These include game design, digital art, and much more!

Soft Skills Development

Along with the technical ability to create any number of apps, games, websites, and more, learning how to code also helps to develop highly crucial soft skills!

Communication Skills

Syntax—the rules that define the structure of a coding language—offers a ton of return.

Along with learning how to use it to build programs, it also helps to boost skills in writing. It does this through the practice of organizing information, as well as helping to increase the ability to tell great stories!


The common assumption is that coding is just super technical. It’s so much more than that!

Coding allows teenagers to explore their creativity. There are so many avenues to explore, from Android apps to video games to artificial intelligence. Programming can also be a highly artistic endeavor!


Patience is a virtue, and learning to program definitely helps build it!

It’s rare to get it right the first time, or even the tenth time. By understanding that if you take your time and persist with different approaches, you can eventually solve any coding challenge. This can be a very rewarding & satisfying experience!

Problem Solving

In order to code, you have to handle complex problems and come up with handy solutions.

Critical thinking is a major component in programming, and giving younger kids and teenagers the opportunity to practice these important skills can translate to success in all aspects of their life!


Last but not least, there’s the soft skill of collaboration.

You might envision most programmers alone in front of a computer. However, it takes a team to successfully pull off a coding project. Teamwork provides several benefits that include brainstorming, error checking, constructive feedback, and support!

Experience Levels

Before we jump into specific computer programs, let’s take a look at the three main learning levels. Juni offers personalized programming courses at three levels.


So, you (or a student) wants to learn the ropes? Juni’s got you covered!

Scratch—we’ll talk about the popular program more down below—is a great starting point. It does away with complicated text-based coding, so anyone age 8+ can pick it up in no time. Interested in robotics? There’s a learning experience waiting for you today!


Once a kid has gotten comfortable with the fundamentals, it’s time to level up the skill sets!

Python and robotics are some of the best programs to learn at the intermediate level, providing opportunities to strengthen both your creative and analytical muscles. These intermediate courses are ideal for 11 to 18-year-olds.


Already got a strong foundation in Scratch, JavaScript, robotics or even all three? Awesome!

Ideal for pre-teens and teenagers (students ages 14-18), Juni provides courses that help take students to the next level. Whether you’re looking to master algorithms or machine learning, our friendly & knowledgeable instructors are ready to help!


Best Computer Languages for Teens

Now to answer the big question: Which coding programs are the best to start out for teenagers (and younger kids, too)?


Looking for one of the best coding languages for beginners of all ages?

When it comes to text-based programming languages, Python is often at the top of our recommendation list for beginners! What makes it one of the best choices? The syntax is easier to comprehend and learn compared to similar languages like C++ and Java.

New to Python? Here are some handy resources:

What Python Is Used For (real-world uses and industries)

Python Coding 101 for Kids (age 11+)

Python Virtual Zoom Background (beginner level)


Second on our list, we have C++!

If you’re in search of a general-purpose programming language, C++ is a great pick for programmers of all ages. One of the biggest draws to the language is its versatility. From games to operating systems, C++ can do a lot!


HTML (which stands for HyperText Markup Language) is a type of markup language.

The language is made of tags and text that help format the structure of a web page. Understanding CSS can help you with web development and web design. Elements are easily readable in HTML, making it a great first language for kids and teens!


CSS works in tandem with HTML—more on that below—to make websites work!

This coding language can be explained through metaphor. If HTML is the body, then CSS is the clothes and accessories. In other words, it helps define the style of a website. We recommend learning HTML first to make it easier to understand CSS.

Note: CSS is technically a mark-up language and not a programming language.


Along with C++ and Python, Java is one of the main text-based coding languages.

As a general-purpose language, Java is on virtually every device on the planet! This is due to the fact that it offers development tools ideal for mobile operating systems. That’s why you find it everywhere when it comes to the development of Android apps and games.


Working alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript helps make the web come alive!

Found on virtually every browser on the globe, JavaScript (JS) is used for a variety of purposes that include mobile apps, web pages, and online games. This language enhances user experience and overall interactivity.

Want to learn more about JavaScript? Take a look at the following:

Best JavaScript Projects for Kids

How to Code Your Own Website (beginner 12+)

JavaScript Course (free trial class, Age 12-18)


Developed at MIT, Scratch programming language is a fun & enriching way to learn coding!

As a high-level visual language, it's easy to learn for coders of all ages. Computer programming has never been more accessible, and with languages like Scratch (as well as Python and JavaScript) a kid coder has many handy resources available to them!

Check out the following Scratch tutorials:

My First Scratch Project (intro to Scratch)

How to Make a Scratch Game (step-by-step tutorial)

How to Make a Platformer on Scratch (beginner level)


Final Thoughts on Coding Classes

From app development to game design, programming languages open so many doors!

What’s great about coding is it can fit your needs. If you’re looking to exercise your visual creativity (without having to write a bunch of complex code), Scratch is a prime candidate. If you’re in search of a high-level text-based language, JavaScript is a great pick

The key to finding the right fit for a student is to first assess their abilities. From there, you want to provide them with the right resources. At Juni, we offer project-based coding classes and tutorials tailored to a student’s needs.

Whether in elementary school, middle school or high school, there are computer programming resources to help any young programmer learn the fundamentals!

Now Continue Learning

We hope you've enjoyed this blog post on the best coding classes for teens! With new coding skills, an aspiring coder can build the confidence to level up to more advanced coding. From game development to web development, the sky's the limit!

Learn more about our online coding classes for kids (ages 8-18), or contact our Advisor Team by emailing to learn which courses are best for your student’s coding journey.

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