Coding Camps for Kids

List of coding camps for kids

Spring is here, and summer is right around the bend. What does that mean? It’s almost time for summer camps!

Enjoy video games like Minecraft And Roblox? Want to learn how to create your own websites and mobile apps? What about robotics? From 3D game development to robot programming, summer coding camps offer fun & enriching experiences!

In this guide, we share the value of coding experiences and coding classes, as well as the top coding summer camps. Without further ado, let’s spring into action!

What is Coding Camp?

In an ever-growing technological world, working knowledge of computer science and computer programming is an essential skill set. Kids today grow up with devices, and are obviously more inclined to jump into the coding world. From animation to Minecraft modding, there’s so much cool stuff to do! And coding camps are great for exploring it all.

Coding camps were originally created for software developers that could not attend during work hours. Now, coding camps are a combo of summer camp fun and education in languages like Scratch, Java, Python, JavaScript, and more!

In more recent years, coding camps have grown to include not only standard coding but also game design, robotics, and mobile app development.

Why Coding Camp?

As mentioned already, these types of camps combine the enjoyment of traditional summer camp with coding! Along with boosting problem-solving skills, camp helps kids connect with other young programmers. Plus, the camp experience is super fun!

Whether you want to learn Scratch, Python, Java or another popular coding language, you can boost your coding skills while making new friends and connections. And there are two main options: in-person summer programs or online coding camps!

Interested in leveling up your coder skills? Let’s take a look at the top coding programs.

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In-Person Coding Camps

Looking for safe, in-person coding camp experiences? Here are the top picks!

Code Ninjas

As the Code Ninjas slogan goes: “Kids have fun, parents see results.” Parents and kid coders love these camps! These classes are offered both in the summer and all year long. With nearly 500 locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, young programmers are given experiences that last them a lifetime!

Fun, safe, and inspirational, Code Ninjas camps provide fun game-based learning. From core coding to games to robotics, their camping experience helps build confidence and technical skills kids can use for dream jobs and more! If you love technology, or know a kid or two that does, Code Ninjas should be at the top of your list!

Coding with Kids

Looking for a camp focused on core languages? From Scratch to Python to Java, Coding with Kids In-Person Camps offer fun & engaging experiences! Along with standard coding, there are several specialty programs that explore Roblox, Minecraft, mobile apps, and robotics. This is a camp experience you’ll never forget!

As with every recommendation on this list, Coding with Kids wants to ensure a safe time. This includes following local and state COVID-19 guidelines. Also, all on-site staff are vaccinated. One thing to keep in mind is that any electronics or robotics kits (like an Arduino) will need to be purchased and sent with a camper.

iD Tech

It’s been awhile, but iD Tech is returning with its popular on-campus STEM/tech camps! Designed for kids ages 7-18, there are more than 75 campuses around the nation to choose from (along with handpicked instructors from some of the best schools in the world). Summer 2022 is almost here, and iD Tech is excited to get things rolling again!

From STEM learning to campus exploration to making new friends, this camp experience is awesome. Many former iD Tech students have carried what they’ve learned at these camps to their dream jobs! From web development to gameplay engineering, iD Tech camps can help you with your dream career, hobbies, college aspirations, and beyond!


Like LEGO robotics? Minecraft Coding? Overall game design? If any of these subjects sound like fun, KidzToPros might be just the in-person camping experience you’ve been looking for! Currently there are more than 50 locations in six states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas.

KidzToPros is all about strong teamwork and sportsmanship. Along with STEM camps, they offer Arts and Sports Summer Camps. And with more than 35,000 students, you can be guaranteed to enjoy and learn this summer. If you’re in search of education and adventure, KidZToPros offers camps for every child’s interest!


With 10 locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles, PlanetBravo In-Person Coding Camps offer many different kinds of courses. Combine that with small groups, fun activities, and diverse backgrounds, you have a winning combo!

PlanetBravo provides both inside and outside time. This helps to boost learning and the fun factor. Currently, PlanetBravo offers the Techno-Tainment Camp. From making movies to building robots, this award-winning camp is a hit with kids of all ages! As for cost, it is reasonably affordable. This allows kids to enjoy camp without banking the bank!


Virtual Camps

Online camps offer a ton of benefits. Whether physical camps are too far away or you enjoy learning from the comfort of your home, there are many amazing virtual camps!

4-H Spartan Coding Camp

Fully accessible via Zoom, the 4-H Spartan Coding Camp is a virtual summer camp geared towards high school students that want to learn coding skills. Instructors offer excellent support through their vast coding knowledge. No coding experience is required. This makes it ideal for those wanting to try out coding!

Along with learning about languages like JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Rails, virtual campers get to explore GitHub. They also get to create their own websites. This group-based camp is a great opportunity for high schoolers to learn, socialize, and team up with other like-minded teenagers!


Courtesy of UBTECH Education, Camp: ASPIRE features their UKIT and JIMU robots! Hands-on hardware and coding make for a super fun experience, ideal for both beginners and more experienced kid coders. Designed for ages 8+, this is one of the best camps for robotics, coding, and A.I.!

Beginner courses include Intro to Robotics, Animal Robots, and Robot Inventor. Intermediate courses include Robots, Sensors, and A.I.; Musical Robots; and Vehicles of the Future. There are also discounts available for multiple sessions. Want to learn more about robots? This is one of the best virtual camps!


Looking for a coding camp on Zoom? If you’re between the ages of 6 and 13 (or know someone that is), CodeAdvantage teaches how to code, develop, and so much more! Understanding how important real-world skills are, this platform helps to boost logical thinking and creativity!

During the summer, CodeAdvantage offers one-week and two-week camps. Classes are kept small for focused learning, and there are more than 35 courses. These include ones on Scratch, Python, 3D video games, and web development. Into Minecraft or Roblox? There are classes for those games, too!


As a leader in virtual classes since 2014, CodeConnects offers one of the best experiences around! This is a big claim, but CodeConnects can back it up. Their camps have been created by experts from these companies: Disney, Microsoft, Google, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Brown University.

Essentially, CodeConnects makes coding fun! It does this with live instructors, hands-on projects, and small groups. There are currently six camps. These include Computer Music, Emerging Tech, Creative Tech, Pre-AP CS, A.I. & Big Data, and Quantum Computing. If you want to learn real-world skills, CodeConnect is ready to help!

Code Galaxy

Code Galaxy Virtual Camps are a great way to spend time off school! From Python programming to Minecraft to web development, Code Galaxy makes coding-focused learning fun & accessible. On top of top-tier learning, coders get the chance to earn badges, certificates, and awards!

Currently, there are 5 available camps: Coding in Python, Minecraft Game Development, Roblox Games, Scratch Games & Animations, and 3D Design & Modeling. These camps are designed for kids ages 5-15 (and vary in minimum age from camp to camp). Kids also benefit from live instruction, as opposed to A.I. that other platforms use.


Looking for live classes? Want to enjoy fun & effective lessons? CodeWizardsHQ offers summer learning to fit your busy schedule! From one-week courses to three-week camps, these camps help aspiring coders to build their own websites and games. In the span of the summer or less, kids can pick up major coding skills!

Whether you’re into Minecraft, Roblox or app development, CodeWizardsHQ specializes in accelerated programs to get you up to speed quickly. There are three main terms to choose from: June, July, and August. The camps are designed for kids ages 8-18, allowing them to complete up to three courses in just one summer!

Coding with Kids

Offering both online and in-person camps, Coding with Kids Online Camps are considered some of the best for young coders ages 5-18! There are two main types of online coding camps here: Spring Break Camps and Summer Camps. Classes run one week (5 days) for 1-3 hours each day (depending on age group).

With small groups—maximum size is 8 participants—kids can experience both enriching collaboration and focused interaction. From group projects to individual attention, Coding with Kids implements progressive curriculum and specialty focus on core programming languages like Scratch, Java, and Python!

Create & Learn

Designed by experts at Google and Stanford, camps & courses offered by Create & Learn are some of the best in the world! Along with topnotch curricula, campers enjoy easy scheduling, personalized attention, and fun learning. On top of that, they get to earn Certificates of Achievement!

Currently, Create & Learn is offering more than 30 online summer camps. These include Scratch Ninja, Python for A.I., Minecraft Modding, Junior Robots, Coding with Roblox, Circuit Wizards, and much more! The platform is also currently offering free trials for select summer camps, ranging from Scratch coding to A.I. exploration!

iD Tech

As with other recommendations in this guide, iD Tech not only offers outstanding in-person camps but also stellar virtual camp experiences. Kids are able to earn tech certifications or transcripts that help boost their self-esteem and build their portfolio. There are four main interests (Coding, Game Dev, Robotics, and Creative) to choose from for camp fun!

Courses are split up into three class options: Spring/Summer Camps, Bootcamps, and Year-Round Online Private Lessons. They are also offered in three season options: Spring, Summer, and All Seasons. Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school or high school, there’s a class that can fit your needs and schedule!


Enjoy movie making? How about 3D modeling? Want to learn more about Roblox design or Scratch coding? PlanetBravo Online Camp Courses are waiting for you! Along with its award-winning in-person camps, PlanetBravo offers stellar virtual courses. Whether you’re into art, movies or games, there’s something for you to learn & enjoy here!

PlanetBravo makes tech camp super fun & engaging. With its amazing staff, kids of all ages can dive into their interest of choice. Instructors have diverse backgrounds. They are also fully vetted to ensure the highest standards. This allows them to teach subjects like coding, robotics, and engineering with ease!

Power Up Tech Academy Coding

There’s definitely a big advantage to small groups. With Power Up Tech Academy Coding, a coding camper gets to enjoy focused learning in groups no bigger than four campers! If you’re looking for the best personal attention in a virtual camp, Power Up Tech Academy Coding delivers it!

Designed for ages 8-16, these coding camps range from beginner to advanced. Subjects include Scratch, Minecraft, Python, JavaScript, and more. Power Up has been offering coding camps for seven years. Looking for learning and fun? Then check out Power Up Tech Academy Coding!

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Final Thoughts: Coding Camps

Whether it’s your first time or tenth, coding programs offer so much to kids! And it’s not just limited to summertime. There are plenty of camps that now take place online and in person year-round. Campers of all ages can learn new skills while connecting with like-minded kids!

From deep learning to fun teamwork, coding camps offer experiences that not only look good for your portfolio. There are so many connections and adventures to be had. Simply put, online camps offer solid fundamentals, lots of fun, and unforgettable memories!

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