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POSTED ON MAY 02, 2022
Information on chemistry experiments for kids

Chemistry for kids is so much fun! There’s a magic quality to chemical reactions that’s fascinating. In today’s quick guide, we share some of the best diy chemistry experiments you can perform at home.

Ready to jump into the world of chemistry? Let’s go!

Why Chemistry for Kids?

First, let’s take a look at what chemistry is before we jump into experiments.

As a branch of science, chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter. This includes electrons, acids, bases, and much more.

So, why learn chemistry? Along with being super fun & engaging, chemistry is all around us. Everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is part of chemistry. That’s pretty cool. From cooking to cleaning to mixing up juice from concentrate, you’re doing chemistry!

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Chemistry Experiments for Kids

Fun experiments can open up a whole new world for kids! From science-fair projects to earth science to the study of electrons, there are many simple chemistry experiments ideal for homeschool or just curious young minds!

Bath Bombs

Kids love bath bombs! From the colors to the fizz, bath bombs make the tub a lot more exciting. They also help kids learn about science, specifically chemistry and cosmetic chemistry. Learn more about bath bomb recipes!

Edible Experiments

As we mentioned before, chemistry is all around us. This includes cooking, baking, and candy making. From making chocolates to cooking an egg, all of these processes change the composition of food items. Plus, you get to taste your experiment!

Elephant Toothpaste

Seen the Elephant Toothpaste experiment? If you have, then you most likely hug foam reaction! If you’re looking for something other than standard experiments with vinegar and baking soda, this is it! Read more on the Elephant Toothpaste experiment!

Fake Snot

This might sound pretty gross, but fake snot is actually a great science experiment. It allows kids, for example, to understand how protein strands work. Snot serves an important role in our bodies, and learning how to make fake snot is both fun & informative!

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Lava Lamp

As an experiment in a jar, the lava lamp is a great way to get kids interested in chemistry! Exploring the colors and movement in the water and oil is always super popular with aspiring chemists. Learn a lava lamp experiment for kids today!


This is one of the most fascinating (and easy to make) chemistry experiments! As a non-Newtonian fluid—a substance that shifts between states of matter—Oobleck is super interesting. Read about more Oobleck info and recipes!

Oxidation and Rust

Why does steel rust? A student can use metal and other substances to explore the world of oxidation. This is when a chemical substance changes because of the addition of oxygen. Plus, you can make some cool metal art with oxidation!


This is a classic experiment seen at science fairs! Basically, you build a model of a volcano with a cavity in it. What causes the volcano to erupt? The chemical reaction between an acid and a base. This is typically vinegar (acid) and baking soda (base).

Note: Whether using baking soda, carbon dioxide or any number of items, it’s important to follow the rules to ensure fun, safe, and easy experiments. Practice safety first and have proper adult supervision.

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Final Notes: Chemistry for Kids

Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school or high school, science experiments make learning fun, interactive & accessible! Once you’ve explored the periodic table, for example, you can get hands-on as a young chemist. This helps to build a strong foundation for continued STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) learning!

Learning basic chemistry (through chemistry lessons, chemistry books, and science projects) can lead to a lifelong love of education, as well as prepare kids for a potential career as a chemist or other type of scientist.

From electrons to the solar system, chemistry opens many doors to understanding!

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