Best Science Books for Kids in 2022

science books kids will love

How does the earth work? What secrets does the solar system hold? Where is the best place to learn about fun science experiments? These are great questions, but where are you supposed to find the answers?

Science books are handy resources when it comes to satisfying a young reader's curiosity and encouraging an appreciation of the subject. The following book recommendations are separated into two main categories: younger kids and teens.

Want to inspire a love for science? Let's take a look at the best science books for kids!


Science Books for Younger Kids

Children's science books open up a new world of exploration! From how things work to fascinating science history, young children (from preschoolers to elementary school students) can form a solid foundation for school, hobbies, and more.

From picture books to big books, here are the best children's science books!

Ada, Twist Scientist

From best-selling author Andrea Beaty and illustrator David Roberts, Ada Twist, Scientist follows the science adventures of Ada, a young person of color with eyes set on a big science adventure!

As with her classmates (Iggy the builder and Rosie the inventor, characters from previous books), Ada is on a mission to find answers. She's ready to take on the challenge with scientific experiments and a lot of curiosity.

Ask a Scientist

Know a kid with a bunch of science questions? Professor Robert Winston might just have an answer... or 100! In his book Ask a Scientist, the professor explores no less than 100 real-life science questions in this accessible & fun read.

Along with being a super kid-friendly resource, Ask a Scientist teaches about the flexible nature of science. It's not something set in stone, and there's always room for adjusting and being open to the unknown.

Baby University Board Book Set

Looking to get a kiddo started early on quantum physics? As a best-selling board book set, the Baby University Board Book set is a fantastic introduction to several science subjects. These include physics, rocket science, general relativity, and Newtonian physics!

Written by Chris Ferrie, the four books that make up the collection—Quantum Physics for Babies, Rocket Science for Babies, General Relativity for Babies, and Newtonian Physics for Babies—are some of the best STEM books and science resources for even toddlers!


As an award-winning writer of picture books, Jason Chin has an incredible knack for taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand for younger audiences. In Gravity, Jason continues with a beautiful tribute to the topic of gravity.

Why doesn't your cup just float away from your hand? What if you yourself started drifting into the air? Gravity is a highly accessible introduction to the concept of gravity. With amazing illustrations, young kids are pulled right into the storyline.

KEW: Grow, Forage and Make

Written by Alys Fowler and illustrated by Heidi Griffiths, KEW: Grow, Forage and Make demonstrates all the fun things you can do with plants! This book expertly guides readers through more than 30 fun growing projects, activities, and more.

Want to grow your very own avocado tree? Make paper out of wildflower seeds? Alys, as a TV presenter and expert forager, takes young readers on a nature adventure. Ready to learn, grow, and discover the world of plants? Check out this book!

Kid Innovators

What's more inspiring than reading about kids doing amazing things? Kid Innovators: True Tales of Childhood from Inventors and Trailblazers is just the book to provide inspiration to a budding young scientist!

From Jacques Cousteau to the Wright Brothers to Steve Jobs, Kid Innovators delves into the innovations, experiments, and inventions of some of the greatest minds the world has ever seen from when they were children. This book is both hilarious and heartwarming.

National Geographic Readers

National Geographic is one of the best resources for all things nature, weather, and more. National Geographic Readers: Planet Earth Collection opens up young readers to the world of volcanoes, gemstones, and fun with earth science.

As a collection of four readers, National Geographic Kids continues the publication's legendary reputation for striking photography and captivating writing. From lightning in the night sky to the power of a hurricane, this resource is both inspiring and satisfying!

Outdoor Maker Lab

Want to take science outside? Ditch being stuck indoors with Outdoor Maker Lab. Written by Robert Winston, this book is ideal for kids wanting to recreate some of the most fun & engaging science experiments... all outdoors!

From twirling helicopters to big bubbles to water rockets, this book takes science and makes it super fun under the sun. Instructors are clear and easy to follow. If you’re looking for one of the best experiment books (especially for ages 9-11), you just found it!

Science Kids: Birds

As a zoologist and author, Nicola Davies brings to life the world of animals in Science Kids: Birds. This book, as the title suggests, introduces little kids to all things birds. If you like birds, or just want to know more about the feathered creatures, this is a must-read!

Ideal for ages 5-8, Science Kids: Birds explains the features of birds. It also covers things like how birds fly, what kind of food they eat, and how birds communicate. Along with a bunch of bird knowledge, there are several fun & easy projects included in this book.

STEAM and Me: Artificial Intelligence

How are you supposed to approach a complex topic like artificial intelligence when it comes to kids? Dinah Williams brilliantly tackles it in STEAM & Me: Artificial Intelligence. From robots that play sports to cars operated by computers, this book makes artificial intelligence fun & accessible!

With a focus on STEM learning, Artificial Intelligence consists of great photos, clear explanations, and hands-on activities. If you're looking for a great resource to teach little kids about one of the biggest scientific innovations ever, check out this read!

Stop that Virus!

Our world has experienced a global pandemic, and this has led many kids to be highly curious about viruses. In Stop that Virus!, many of the questions about how the human body fights off viruses are answered in this interactive board book.

Filled with fantastic illustrations by Susanna Rumiz, Stop that Virus! dives into the science of our cells, immune system, and antibodies. Do keep in mind that it skips over personal hygiene, so you might want to include a quick discussion with this great book.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind follows the story of a Malawi boy named William Kamkwamba. Written by William and illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon, the book tells the story of a boy that builds a windmill out of scrap parts to power his family's home.

Ideal for grade levels 1-2, this popular book is both visually stunning and inspiring. It's a true story presented with a lyrical charm. This is a must-read for anybody that wants to learn the power of combining a brilliant idea with hard work!

What's the Weather

Written by the duo Fraser and Judith Ralston, What's the Weather: Clouds, Climate, and Global Warming takes kiddos on a journey of all things weather throughout earth's history (as well as the effects of climate change in our modern times).

From the different kinds of weather to how it’s predicted, What's the Weather paints an eco-focused picture that's both educational and fun for little ones. There's a bunch of illustrations and facts to keep a young reader engaged with everything climate and weather-related!

Women of Science: Jane Goodall

As the world's leading authority on chimpanzees, Jane Goodall is an inspiration for women and scientists across the spectrum! Written by Alex Woolf, Women in Science: Jane Goodall is one in a series of books that focuses on amazing female scientists!

With strong visuals, this book tells about Jane's groundbreaking research. It also delves into the challenges and skepticism she faced and overcame within the scientific community. Illustrated by Isobel Lundie, this is one of the best books for ages 7-9.

Wonder Women of Science

Written by Tiera Fletcher and Ginger Rue (and illustrated by Sally Wern Comport), Wonder Women of Science: How 12 Geniuses Are Rocking Science, Technology, and the World is a must-read about the women of the scientific world!

Ideal for ages 9-12, Wonder Women of Science covers the work of diverse females of science. From designing cars to exploring outer space, this book is fun and inspiring. If you want to discover cutting-edge science, this is a great book!


Best Science Books for Teens

Looking for the best science books for teens in 2022? Here's a list of some of the latest and greatest resources to help a growing preteen or teen along their science journey!

30 Second Twentieth Century

Want to learn about science in a really short amount of time? 30-Second Twentieth Century is right up your alley! In 30 seconds or so, this resource explains one of 50 total of the most significant ideas and events in the world.

From innovation to art, 30-Second Twentieth Century provides easily digestible nuggets of information. Edited by Jonathan T. Reynolds, the 160-page book is filled with graphics and clear explanations on everything from modern history to the World Wide Web!

Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream

Ever heard of the "Mercury 13" women? Did you know they tried two decades before the first females were allowed in the NASA space program? Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream tells the story of these brave & intelligent women.

As a great read for middle schoolers, Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream explores the courage and talent it took to dream big in a time that did not encourage women to become astronauts, among many other pursuits.

Diary of a Young Naturalist

Brought to us by youth climate activist Dara McAnulty, Diary of a Young Naturalist amplifies the brilliant mind and heart of the world-renowned figure. This memoir is a love letter to the natural world, one that promotes saving the place we call home.

Set in Northern Ireland, Diary of a Young Naturalist chronicles the happenings of one year. It helps readers see nature through Dara's eyes, a world that is ever changing. This book also explores the challenges of being a teenager that has to carry a lot on their shoulders.

Gory Details: Adventures From the Dark Side of Science

Finding inspiration from a National Geographic blog, Gory Details: Adventures From the Dark Side of Science travels down a different path. From wacky to gross to hilarious, this book takes readers on a journey of underreported regions of science.

Written by Erika Engelhaupt, Gory Details is a treat for teenagers looking for something more bizarre to read. This book is filled with leading research and science reporting, covering subjects like biology, space, anatomy, and more!

How Science Works

Cramming for a test? Need a fast refresher? Just curious about science? How Science Works is often considered an adult book, but its illustrations and diagrams are great for teenagers of all ages!

Easy to wrap your head around, this visual guide takes a look at everything from black holes to gene therapy to quantum physics. This is essentially the book that most adults wish they had when they were in middle school and high school.

Human Universe

Written by Professor Brian Cox, a popular physicist, Human Universe is a creative & engaging book that explores how multiple elements came together to create human beings and what exactly the future has in store for us in this universe.

Blending physics, chemistry, time, and much more, Human Universe travels along the road of our past, present, and future. The physical book can be purchased from several retailers. You can also get it as an audiobook.

The Awesome Power of Sleep

Whether it's too much screen time or worrying about friends, there are a lot of things that can affect the ability for teens to get good rest. The Awesome Power of Sleep: How Sleep Supercharges Your Teenage Brain explores the importance of sleep for teens.

From brain development to healthy wellbeing, The Awesome Power of Sleep guides readers with scientific backup on exactly why sleep is so vital. If you're a teenager or know a teenager that has trouble with rest, author and Illustrator Nicola Morgan is here to help!

The Big Questions in Science

Written by Hayley Birch, Mun Keet Looi, and Colin Stuart, The Big Questions in Science: The Quest to Solve the Great Unknowns delves into everything from consciousness to bacteria to black holes, speaking to our sense of wonder.

As with any great book on science, The Big Questions in Science makes even the most complex ideas easy to understand. Got a hunger for learning? Have an itching question about the world around you? You'll enjoy the journey on which this book will take you!

The Theoretical Minimum

Want to learn physics? Have a hard time understanding or getting into the subject? The Theoretical Minimum is great for young scientists looking for an easier way to learn physics and its associated math.

Clear and concise, The Theoretical Minimum makes the science much less hard and a lot more fun. It's all about simple explanations and learning at your own pace. If you're intimidated by physics, this is definitely the book for you!

Thing Explainer

Looking for clarity when it comes to understanding science? Do you get lost with how scientific topics are typically explained? Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words helps to clear the sometimes hazy nature of science!

Filled with fun facts and clear explanations, Randall Monroe's Thing Explainer is one of those books that you can't imagine not having around once you've read it. This book can be purchased on Amazon and other online retailers.

Final Thoughts on Science Books

Greater understanding of science is more easily developed by reading great books. Remember, though, that books can only go so far in propelling a kid along their learning adventure. Tailored guidance helps to keep a curious kid on the right track.

From elementary students to 18-year-olds, Juni offers the right fit for a growing mind, imagination, and hunger to learn about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) subjects!


Help Kids Explore & Grow

We hope you've enjoyed this collection of the best science books for kids!

Science books stimulate the mind and imagination. Along with preparing curious kids for STEM learning, college, and beyond, these science resources help to better understand the world all around us. There's so much to love about science!

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