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Math Apps for Kids in 2022

Math for kids can sometimes be considered too boring or challenging. With the help of some handy math apps, however, math can be easy & engaging!

Whether it's for Android, iPad or desktop computer, there's an educational app ready to help a child tackle any number of math concepts and math problems.

So, what exactly are the best math apps for kids in 2022? Let's find out!


Why Math Apps?

Before we jump into app recommendations, let's consider why math apps are helpful.

Along with boosting math skills and improving overall learning outcomes, apps make math fun! These tools help kids of all ages build a solid foundation that they can use for future academic endeavors and a host of careers.

With math apps, the subject no longer has to be viewed as dull or intimidating. Gameplay and fun exercises transform the experience. And since these tools are accessible online, kids can learn math from anywhere they have a device and internet access!


What to Look for in Math Apps

There are a few things you want to keep an eye out for when it comes to math apps. These include level of adaptive learning, as well as the following (but not limited to):

  1. Ease of Use

  2. Age appropriateness

  3. Cost

  4. Endorsement by educators

  5. Learning outcomes

  6. Curriculum alignment

  7. Progress tracking

  8. Promotion of engagement & creativity

  9. Level of assessment and analysis

  10. Types of positive reinforcement

Discovery-based learning helps build working knowledge and confidence. If you want to learn more, read our guide on rethinking how children learn mathematics.

Ready to discover the best math apps for kids? Let's go!


Best Math Apps for Kids

This list includes the 20 best apps for everything from learning how to count to multiplication, division, and algebra.

Big Math Flash Cards

As the title suggests, Big Math Flash Cards is all about... you guessed it... flash cards! Lean, simple, and easy to use, the interface allows a child to navigate through the app on their own. Each flash card can be easily flipped over to reveal the answer, too.

Want to track progress? Big Math Flash Cards allows you to track both time and scores. Questions and difficulty levels are also appropriately tailored to the user. The app is free and offers multiple color themes!


Designed for ages 6-16, BuzzMath is a fun & interactive app platform ideal for ages 6-16. If you're looking to build confidence and motivation through personalized learning, you definitely should consider this platform!

Developed by educators, BuzzMath provides over 14,000 math questions. It's based on four pillars: motivate, progress, enrich, and consolidate. Apps are found in one of three age categories. These are 6-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, and 12-16 year olds.


Covering a gamut of subjects that include science, social studies, photography, and of course math, CK-12 offers 12 math apps. The apps are separated into grades (1-8 grade levels) and subjects (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus).

CK-12 offers a strong adaptive learning process, ideal for instilling STEM knowledge. There's also an online community for helpful discussions. The platform offers free apps for web, Android, iOS, and Windows.


Looking for the best cross-platform app? From Mac to PC to Android, DoodleMaths meets both Common Core standards and U.K. requirements. The interface is also attractive and easy to use for children.

Also known for its adaptive learning technology, DoodleMaths assists with both a student's strengths and weaknesses. The platform claims that improvement can be measured with as little as 10 minutes of use per day.


Offering a collection of six math apps, DragonBox is a great pick for kindergarteners, middle schoolers, and every grade level in between! If you're looking for an algebra app, this is ideal for both basic and advanced learning.

Apps are separated into two age groups: 4-9 (Numbers, Big Numbers, Algebra 5+, and Learn Chess) and 9+ (Algebra 12+ and Elements). Interactive & engaging, this collection of engaging apps is based on intuitive gameplay.

Elephant Learning Math Academy

With a focus on structural and discipline-based learning, Elephant Learning Math Academy It's also known for providing some of the best progress reports. It's different from the other picks on this list as it's structured more like a tutoring course.

Claiming to teach a child one year's worth of math in three months, Elephant Learning Academy offers a learning program for ages 2-16. This is the most costly app on this list, and there's no Common Core curriculum.


Both an app and early learning program, Homer offers the building blocks for math confidence. The key to this app's effectiveness? It tailors the experience to a child's particular age, skill level, and hobbies.

Customized to age and interests, Homer is both playful and enriching when it comes to mathematics and many other subjects. As the website proclaims: "[Homer offers] screen time you can feel good about."


Touted as the most comprehensive app, IXL covers not only mathematics but also science, social studies, and language. Centered around personalized learning, the app is highly respected and offers a K-12 curriculum.

Using real-time diagnostics and analytics, IXL provides efficient exercises with handy feedback. It's also ideal for preparing for standardized assessments such as the SAT and ACT. The app is not offered in a free version, but there is a 30-day free trial.

Khan Academy Kids

Touted as the best free math app, Khan Academy Kids covers a lot of ground! Along with math, the app also provides help with problem solving, language, motor development, and social emotional development, and much more.

Though it lacks in game-based content, Khan Academy Kids is great for math subjects like geometry and statistics. It's also free and can be downloaded from all the standard app stores, including Amazon Appstore.

Kids Learn Math Training Game

Looking for an app that teaches fundamental math operations? You'll find a helpful hand from Kids Learn Math Training Game! It's all about fun games to captivate the mind and imagination of younger kids.

The app comes in a free version and a paid version (if you want to access all math operations). Math questions are presented in a quiz format. Ideal for ages 4+, Kids Learn Math Training Game can be found on the Apple App Store.

Math Learning Center

As a platform, Math Learning Center offers a collection of free math apps. These apps were influenced by visual models found in Bridges of Mathematics. Instead of being gamified, the apps provide a virtual classroom experience.

Offered as web apps and downloadable apps, the collection by Math Learning Center covers everything from math vocabulary to geometry to money values. These apps offer a combo of clear instruction, open exploration, and orderly investigation.


Need a way to check your work? Mathway provides a clear path to the answers! Used by millions of people, this popular app helps provide clarity from basic algebra to complex calculus. Type it in or take a picture—Mathway provides step-by-step solutions.

Acting as a sort of virtual tutor, Mathway offers choices on how you want to solve a problem. One drawback is that you have to get the paid version in order to view detailed solutions. Whether algebra, trigonometry, statistics or calculus, this app does it all!

Marble Math Junior

Looking for an app that allows you to customize it? Marble Math Junior is one of the best out there! Arguably one of the most fun math apps, it lets you tailor the experience to one's individual needs while having fun.

Built on a marble-maze concept, the app does have downsides. This includes lack of adaptive learning and progress reports. What it lacks, however, is made up with its customization that fits a child's skill level and personality. Available on Android and iOS.

Monster Math

As one of the best story-based learning apps, Monster Math takes a child on a problem-solving adventure via 67 math concepts. These concepts include prime numbers, place values, and fractions.

What makes this app stand out are the memorable characters and storylines. It's available on both Android and iOS. There's also a 7-day free app trial. The app also meets Common Core State Standards for K-5 students.

Moose Math

In search of an app for a kindergartener or first grader? Moose Math is the top pick! Highly imaginative, this learning app is adventurous and fun. Adults love it for features like progress reports. Created by the Khan Academy team, offers fun activities.

From counting to subtraction to geometry, Moose Math makes math an enjoyable experience for younger kids. It also helps to introduce Common Core curriculum. The app is free to use and focuses on ages 3-7.


Like fantasy games? Enjoy Pokémon? Prodigy is right up your alley! Offering quests and gameplay with friends, this is a great way to build interest in math. Those looking for a fun & easy way to learn math will understand why the app is so popular.

Along with being highly engaging for kids, Prodigy gives parents and educators a bunch of tools to monitor and gauge a child's use. There is a free version, as well as a paid version, that can be accessed on web browser, Android, iOS, and Amazon.


As an AI-assisted app, NumberSense gamifies math learning for kids. Areas of focus include math comprehension and spatial reasoning skills. Effective, engaging, and customizable, the app is purported to help children learn to love math!

The program includes signup for both parents and educators. The free registration provides access to several handy features, including progress reports and child usage data. The app itself can be found downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Math Kids: Math Games for Kids

Along with preschool children, Math Kids: Math Games for Kids is an excellent app choice for ages up to 12. It features many math puzzles that help teach counting, subtraction, adding, and more. The math app also provides ways for adults to monitor and manage use.

As the app proclaims, it's never too early to start a child's education. The app is a free learning game without any third-party ads. This makes for a smooth, enjoyable experience for both kids and adults!

Puzzle 10

Easy to learn and super engaging, Puzzle 10 is great for ages 4+ that enjoy puzzle games. Each game is different but based on the same concept: merging numbers until you "make 10." it also adds elements like coins and bonuses to make it even more enjoyable!

Along with offering a fun experience, Puzzle 10 supports many languages ranging from Arabic to Russian. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can also be downloaded as a free or paid version.


Ideal for elementary students (pre-k to 5 grade levels), SplashLearn is made for visual learners! Younger children can enjoy lessons on counting and shapes, while older kids can explore everything from decimals to basic algebra.

Combining fun games with real learning outcomes, the Splash math app offers more than 350 ways to improve a young child's basic math skills! This app is available for free on both Google Play and iOS (App Store).


Final Thoughts on Math Apps

From basic kids math like subtraction to algebra and beyond, math apps are a great addition to a child's learning journey. Just keep in mind that it's not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Each kid has their own unique needs and challenges.

From gameplay to worksheets to quizzes, math practice comes in many forms. The key is to find a balance between fun engagement and efficient learning.

When it comes to discovering the right fit, take the time to test out various learning apps. Also, remember that discovery-based learning and tailored guidance can go a long way in supporting a young learner's adventure with math concepts!

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