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best javascript projects for kids

JavaScript Projects for Kids

Want to program your own web apps, video games, and web pages? Learning JavaScript helps you do that and more! Today, we're going to share fun & simple JavaScript projects, perfect for kid coders and beginners of all ages.

With this inspiration, you'll be on your way to leveling up your JavaScript skills!

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is a great programming language for kids!

It offers clean syntax - the rules that define the structure of coding - and is less cluttered than other languages. Plus, it's used on virtually every web browser on the planet!

In conjunction with HTML and CSS, JavaScript helps to control the behavior of various elements. While CSS is used to stylize a web page, JavaScript serves to increase interactivity. Working hand in hand, these languages form the backbone of the internet.

From web development to game design, JavaScript code allows young coders the ability to boost their computational and creative skills. Learning the fundamentals prepares young programmers for web design, careers in computer science, and so much more!

Looking for more resources and tutorials on JavaScript? Check out the following:

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There's a good reason why every kid should learn coding, and learning JavaScript (or JS for short) is one of the best ways. It's user-friendly, increases problem-solving skills, and fosters creativity, all while being pretty simple to learn.

Ready for more? Let's continue our adventure with Javascript!

JavaScript vs. Other Languages

Before we jump into basic JavaScript projects, let's take a look at the similarities and differences between JS and other programming languages.

JavaScript vs. Java

Java and JavaScript are sometimes confused with each other or considered the same thing. These are, in fact, two different programming languages.

Java is an OOP programming language, while JavaScript is a scripting language. Java can be used on virtual machines and web browsers. JavaScript, on the other hand, can only be run on a browser (but doesn't need to be compiled).

JavaScript is also easier to use than Java, making it a great language for kids!

JavaScript vs. Python

A main difference between Python and JS? While Python is primarily used in the back-end development of web applications, JavaScript can be used for both the back-end and front-end—the part that a user interacts with—of an application.

Both languages are user-friendly, but Python is even easier to use than JavaScript. Want to take a look at Python? Head over to the official website of Python!

JavaScript vs. HTML (and CSS)

As mentioned early, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together to form practically every website. These are the universal languages of the web!

While HTML is used to create the structure of a web page, JavaScript is used to add dynamic elements. JS, along with CSS (and its function of stylizing content), helps to make a website more interesting, visually appealing, and interactive.

Best JavaScript Projects

Want to learn Javascript? One of the best ways is to make your own project!

As an open-source programming language, JS allows for easy development across multiple platforms. Today, we're going to show you fun examples of JavaScript programming.

Let's now take a look at Javascript projects for beginners!

JavaScript Clock

how to make a javascript clock

Looking for Javascript project ideas? A good first start is a Javascript clock!

Ever see a clock on the web? Most likely, it's powered by Javascript. Along with CSS, you can easily create your own version while practicing how to use variables and more.

The real-time function and accessible coding of this project helps to instill the same skills used by professional programmers!

Tic Tac Toe Game

how to make a tic tac toe game in javascript

The Tic Tac Toe game is a timeless favorite! Composed of lines, Xs, and Os, it's simple structure serves well as a first-time JavaScript project.

JS takes standard coding and adds fun. In this example, you can easily explore its functionality while building a project that you can enjoy with a family member or friend!

Vanilla Javascript Stopwatch

how to make a vanilla stopwatch in javascript

Simplicity can be the best move, and a fine example of that is a Vanilla JavaScript Stopwatch!

What is Vanilla JavaScript? Simply put, it's the use of plain JS without any additional libraries. Web developers tend to apply Vanilla JS to demonstrate that you can build applications without having to lean on extra resources.

JavaScript Calculator

how to make a calculator in javascript

Programming a JavaScript Calculator is one of the best ways to improve your JS skills!

To begin, you'll want to create a clean interface with the use of HTML and CSS. Then, you can use JavaScript to code features. This will allow you to perform basic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Hangman Game

how to make a hangman game in javascript

Another classic, the Hangman Game makes it simple to learn Javascript!

Serving as the main source of functionality, JavaScript is the star of this programming (while HTML is used for display and CSS is used to stylize the game). Though the code might seem a little complex, code snippets help to make it pretty simple to make.

Background Color Changer

how to make a background color changer with javascript

Also known as a Color Flipper, this project allows you to change the background color!

Along with the visual appeal and customization, a BackGround Color Changer project helps you with additional coding practices, including the use of the Document Object Model (DOM). This is a type of interface for web documents.

Pong Video Game

how to make a pong video game with javascript

As a highly popular game—it was actually the first video game to find commercial success—the Pong Video Game project is rewarding & challenging (both in design and play)!

This project takes more work, but it's definitely worth the effort. The main elements are simple. There are two paddles (one for each player) that are used to bounce a ball that increases in speed.

Countdown Timer

how to make a countdown timer in javascript

As one of the more simple programming examples, a Countdown Timer project is perfectly suited for a first-time JavaScript coder!

Whether you want to countdown the seconds, minutes, hours, days, or all of it, a Countdown Timer provides a simple yet effective display for your web page.

Grocery List

how to make a grocery list with javascript

As a form of to-do list, the Grocery List project is one of the most popular JS exercises!

From vegetables to baked goods, you can code this project to store all of your grocery list items with ease. Keeping track of your shopping items is easy with this program!

Weather App

how to make a weather app in javascript

Last but not least, we have the JavaScript Weather App! This is a particularly good project for beginners who want to build up their collection of JS programs.

The Weather app project is especially helpful when it comes to working with APIs. It allows you to practice getting data from an API and dynamically display it on a web page!

And there you go! Along with these examples, you can take advantage of various resources, online courses, and Javascript courses to get more familiar with the popular coding language. It's a fun & easy language to boost programming skills!

Welcome to JavaScript! Keep Exploring

We hope you've enjoyed this overview of the best JavaScript projects for kids!

Exploring basic Javascript projects and leveling up skills is a great way to build a solid coding foundation. Whether your dream is to become a web developer, or you just want to make your own games, step-by-step practice & guidance goes a long way!

At Juni Learning, we see coding as one of the best skills a child can learn (and continue to use throughout life). Read about our online coding classes for kids, or speak with a Juni Advisor by calling (650) 263-4306 or emailing to learn which course is best for your student’s coding journey.

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