Draw an Animal Face | Beginner Python Graphics Project

Different cartoon cat faces are shown, as examples for what kind of cat faces you can draw in your project.

Project Overview

In this project, Juni instructor Eva will be showing us how to use Python with Turtle to draw a cat or dog face!

Learning outcomes:

This project will help you practice drawing basic shapes, and positioning your Turtle in the coordinate plane. You can also practice using core coding concepts like Loops, Variables, and Repetition to make your code more efficient.

  • Language: Python (with Turtle)

  • Juni Level: Python Level 1

  • Core concepts: Loops, Variables, Repetition

  • Lines of Code: ~30-40

  • Difficulty:Moderate

  • Est. Time: ~15-30min, but this varies by student and how creative you get!

Project Instructions:

Draw a cat or dog face, including a head, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. You can also try to challenge yourself with variations of the cat face like in the picture above. Eva chose to draw a cat, but you can also draw a dog or other animal if you'd like!


  1. Start with drawing a circle for the head. Feel free to play around with the size and circumference of this circle.

  2. Next, draw the eyes of the cat. To make the eyes closed, the shape is essentially half semi-circles.

  3. To draw the nose, draw an upside-down triangle.

  4. Next, make the mouth of the cat.

  5. Finally, finish the cat by drawing two triangles for ears at the top of its head.

  6. Bonus: feel free to add whiskers, a collar, color in the shapes, or anything else you’d like to customize your cat!

Try to do the project on your own first, and get creative with it! If you get stuck or want to check your code, check out Eva’s solution and tutorial video below.

Project Solution & Tutorial

Check your answers or get help by viewing Eva's solution and tutorial video:

Eva's project tutorial:

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