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Juni Tutor Bot is your friendly online tutoring assistant. Get immediate, free homework help and exam support for general math, calculus, algebra tutoring and standardized test prep like SATs. Learn with a community of peers and tutors, supported by AI.

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Get Instant Tutoring Support with Math, Science, and Test Prep from the Juni Tutor Bot

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    How it works

    The Juni Tutor Bot is supported by generative AI, along with Juni's expert tutors and other students in the community. The goal is to help students get from zero to confidently solving homework problems.

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    Tutoring on Discord

    Juni Tutor Bot is easy to use and available directly as an app on Discord, a popular communications platform. Students chat with the bot and describe the problem they are struggling with. Juni Tutor Bot will provide helpful suggestions and give customized help based on your unique learning needs. Students can also connect with a Juni moderator or tutor for additional support.

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    Topics covered include:

    • Pre-Algebra & Algebra
    • Pre-Calculus & Calculus
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Economics
    • English
    • Foreign Languages
    • Geometry, Computer Science coming soon!

Upgrade Your Test Prep Game and Maximize Your Test Scores

Practice for tests easily with new problems each time. Generate new practice problems based on your improvement areas. The Juni Tutor Bot dynamically creates these problems on the fly. You can specify certain areas you need additional practice in as well.

Test prep includes SAT prep, PSAT prep, ACT prep and more. Coming soon.

24/7 Free Tutoring and Homework Help

Juni Tutor Bot is free to use in the Juni Study Room Discord Server.

Get Support from Our Learning Community

Join your friends and other students in our learning community. Fact-check the Juni Tutor Bot and upvote answers to help improve homework help, join study rooms and cheer each other on as we get those grades! Available through our Juni Study Room Discord Server.

Juni Tutor Bot helps students succeed with the support of the Juni community
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    Peace of Mind for Parents

    Juni Tutor Bot helps stressed-out students get homework help and test prep, in order to maximize their test scores and boost school success. Through Juni Tutor Bot, students learn to effectively use tools that leverage AI in the 21st century, with Juni Tutors and students peers on hand to help along the way. Juni Tutor Bot was built by an award-winning team of educators and software engineers with a long track record in supporting students.

About Us

We’re a team with experience from Google, Stanford, and MIT passionate about educating students around the world. Our mission is to build learning experiences that foster curiosity and empower students of all ages. We’re now leveraging the work we’ve done for 5+ years educating young students with live STEM classes to build even more scalable education tools.


  • Juni Tutor Bot provides high-quality online tutoring and test prep that can help your child succeed in school and beyond. With personalized learning tools and expert tutors available 24/7, your child can get the help they need to improve their grades and build confidence.

  • Currently the Juni Tutor Bot covers Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Limited availability for Humanities (Economics, Psychology, Sociology, English, Literature, Foreign Languages) and Science subjects including Biology and Chemistry. Coming soon: Test prep (SAT prep, ACT prep), Trigonometry and Geometry.

  • We incorporate both humans and AI to help students most effectively. The Juni Tutor Bot itself relies on generative AI to give a suggested homework help solution. Our human Juni Tutors are available for follow-on help and also provide feedback to the Juni Tutor Bot on how it can improve its responses in the future.

  • The Juni Tutor Bot is powered by advanced generative AI, leveraging Juni’s proprietary infrastructure as well as best-in-class third-party platforms. The Juni Tutor Bot was built by the Juni Learning research and development team, an award-winning group from Stanford, MIT and Google.

    Juni Tutors attend top U.S. universities like UC Berkeley, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and more. They have strong subject matter expertise from majoring in the topics they are tutoring, or have already had jobs or internships in the field, and are currently based in the US. Most importantly, they have a passion for making a difference in the lives of students.

  • The Juni Tutor Bot can provide suggested step-by-step instructions for solving homework problems and potential solutions. The Bot is just an assistant: it is not guaranteed that its answers will be correct, so students must verify their answers and are ultimately responsible for their own homework solutions. Students who need additional help may request it from Juni Tutors and the community in the Juni Study Room Server.

  • The Juni Tutor Bot is specifically focused on answering homework help and test prep related requests. It does rely on some third-party software to provide responses, and these third-party providers are responsible for ensuring that responses do not use inappropriate language or provide misinformation. Data on requests and Bot usage is collected by Juni Learning and also may be used by third-party vendors to continue improving the Juni Tutor Bot service.

    In the Juni Study Room Server, Juni moderators are available to monitor how students are using the server and bot. There is zero tolerance for malicious behavior or bullying and students must follow their school’s honor code and policies when using the product.

  • At Juni Learning, we understand that every student has a unique learning style. That's why our products are designed to cater to different learning styles by providing personalized help for each student. Our one-on-one learning offerings and Juni Tutor Bot use a variety of teaching methods, including visual aids, interactive exercises, and step-by-step guidance, to ensure that students with different learning styles can understand and learn effectively. Additionally, our team of experienced tutors and moderators are always available to provide extra support and answer any questions that students may have. Whether your child is a visual or auditory learner, we have the tools and resources to help them succeed.

  • Yes, Juni Tutors are available for live 1:1 sessions conducted over Zoom. Juni Tutors are based in the US and rigorously vetted for their subject matter expertise. They attend top U.S. universities like UC Berkeley, Stanford, Vanderbilt and are passionate making a difference in the lives of students. You can learn more about them here.

  • The Juni Tutor Bot is free to use. If you are looking for live 1:1 tutoring support, please visit our main website here.

    1. Sign up for Juni Tutor Bot on our website and create a Discord account, if you don't have one already.
    2. Go to the Juni Study Room Discord Server.
    3. Use the prompts to ask Juni Tutor Bot for help with homework or test prep, and it will guide you through the process. The bot will provide personalized help and guidance through step-by-step guidance, and interactive exercises.
    4. If you ever get stuck, the Juni community of moderators and tutors are always available to provide extra support and answer any questions that you may have.
    5. With Juni Tutor Bot, you can get the help you need to succeed in school, whenever you need it, all from the convenience of your own Discord server.