About Us

Our founding story

Ruby Lee and Vivian Shen grew up thousands of miles apart, on opposite coasts of the United States, yet they share similar stories of how their path to programming led them to create a unique learning program, designed for kids and revered by parents. In high school, Ruby chose programming in Java as her second language instead of Spanish, while Vivian was initially encouraged to learn coding by her supportive parents.

They both struggled with the curriculum until they discovered mentors and teaching assistants who helped them thrive in a subject they once found daunting and complex.

In 2017, both graduates of Stanford’s Computer Science Program founded a mission-driven technology company called Juni Learning. Juni was built to prep kids for real life, showing them a path to success by teaching them to start early and learn by doing. Connected to credible instructors, Juni’s students develop the creativity, confidence, and grit required to become future Juni instructors and tomorrow’s leaders.